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Greetings Programs! Did you ever watch the original Tron film and wonder, “You know, they could totally do that Light Cycle sequence as a real game now.” ? Well I do not know how many orphans you sacrificed in your quest to see this game get made, but I assure you , it has been made, so you can stop now.

Obviously, you might be thinking, ” The pics you have on this page are pretty different from the trailer I just watched”. Well, that is because this game uses a super simple Mod system that allows you to install “Movie Packs” which can change some or all aspects of the look and sounds of the game. This being a recreation of a VERY iconic sequence, I wanted to get the full experience of what it is trying to emulate. Do not worry, I have links to the two mod packs I tried out while giving this game a good hard look over.  The basic look of the game is not that bad on it’s own, I can understand that they are trying to not step into the eyesite of Disney, and having easy to install mods works it’s way around that in a very safe way.

Armagetron Advanced Wide pic 1

The controls are simple, and VERY responsive, and given the nature of this game, they require you to pay attention to timing.If you think you can just start riding next to a wall in a slim space, you are a delusional asshole that no one likes, and you probably piss off your friends. You need to be on your A-game, and never underestimate how hard something so simple can be. You tend to speed up when you are right next to another players wall and there is also a brake which can slow you down, but not by much. Your Mouse is actually just for Camera controls, whish is really only useful to spectators (is you are running a server game, you can assign spots for spectators).

Armagetron Advanced Wide pic 2

Unfortunately, there is no controller support. HOWEVER, I was informed recently on a little program called JoyToKey that maps any keyboard controls to whatever controllers you have hooked to your machine. This made the game WAY easier for me to stay on target, as I find using a keyboard for games with simple controls a bit …frustrating I guess. So I set up this little program, make a profile for this particular game (one word names only), assign the buttons, and BAM ! I have a game that could easily be on any console after 2002. There is a link for JoyToKey at the bottom of this article, under the Mod links, in case you feel the same way I do. Make sure you put it on before you start the game, and This is an older program meant for XP, so I have no clue how, or if it will work on anything above that. Yea, I am still using XP, so if you think that is lame, you can eat a fat dick.

JoytoKey Layout
This is the button layout I use in JoyToKey for this game, but you might find your own settings more comfortable.

There are a few modes as you can see from the trailer, as well as this game obviously being built for multiplayer…not just on Server, or Lan ( yes it can do Lan) but you can actually have all four players on one quad split screen! When the hell do you ever see that in a PC game? Okay, okay, before you get all excited, I have no one to play multiplayer on one screen with when I did this review , so I have not actually run it yet, but i’m sure you will try it out despite anything I could say about it either way, so just get four friends together and let me know how that goes in the comments section. The games main site has everything you need to either set up a server, a Lan party, or just get a standalone copy to waste some time on, and it seems to be available on pretty much every OS.

Armagetron Advanced Large Pic

You know God Damn well you want this game!!! You have wanted this game since you saw that movie, and you want to test your skills on an ode school play format with a new school graphical twist. This is something MANY of us have wanted for a very very long time. It is now here , and as always, if I’m even talking about it, it obviously Free & Legit.

Get the game from it’s dedicated site here:

The better Mods I found in the Armagetron Advanced Forum section ( used in the pictures on this page) are linked here

Tron Classic –

Tron Legacy –

And finally, if you want a free way to play this one on a controller instead of a keyboard, get JoyToKey Here:

Armagetron Advanced case cover

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