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SCHOOLGIRL WITH A LIGHTSABER. I really did not know how to start this off without blurting that out. It also has Metroidvania style gameplay, a TurboGrafx-16 charm to the graphics, and pretty catchy music. Are you interested yet?  If so, Good..If not, go fuck yourself.

Obviously when I say Metroidvania, most people get what that actually entails, but for those who don’t, it is describing the type of 2D open-world with save points seen in both the Metroid franchise, as well as many of the later 2d Castlvanias. It has the RPG-eque level-up system you would expect from this sub-genre, as well as power-ups and items you can find while running around the world. Some power ups add magical attacks that add to the type of attacks you can execute, much in the same way you executed Magic in Castlevania SOTN.

The graphics style reminds me of a cross between Keith Courage, Master Blaster, and Kendo Rage. Unlike most retro style games, this is actually a widescreen format, so no stretching or side-blocks if you are playing it on a more recent manufactured monitor (it letter-boxes if you have a classic screen format monitor). The sprites and animations are damn good, and the enemy design has a good amount of variety.

Wideshot 1

The controls…welll….yeah, if you are not a hardcore PC diehard, you will need a controller mapping program (YES, I too am getting tired of people who make retro console style games, but skip on the controller part of the retro console experience. I think it’s kind of lazy). After you get a good comfortable config on your controller with a mapper…it is pretty responsive and feels natural, at least on my PS2 USB hubbed controller. Below is my controller map using Xpadder. Just remember that when you hit “Esc” while the game is running, the entire game switches off……this fuct me a few times so be mindful of adding that to the controller config. I added in F4 so I can fullscreen.window mode from the controller also, and I find it is pretty handy for backing in and out of the game without stopping it all together.

Controller map

The music is so catchy that I swear it is actually from another game…but not a game I can recall.  You will indeed get stage music caught in your head obviously from playing the same area a few times, but it is reasonably pleasant 90s style Console game music…not on par with Metroid or Castlvania…but certainly better than the average OST for a free game of this type.

As for the story…well, I can tell there is one there, but I’m not too sure what is going on. there is plenty of dialog when you encounter other humanoids in the world, such as bosses and/or merchants, but I can’t say I rightly know just what in the fuck they are talking about. But that does not matter, because if a game like this had no written story, i would still be perfectly satisfied with it…Although I have not actually gotten farther than the fourth boss, so perhaps shit gets serious or even just a bit more clear, but as of the time I wrote this, it just was not really there.

Wideshot 2

So aside from the lack of controller support, this game is pretty damn well made, as well as being a hell of a good time if you enjoy this sub-genre of sidescrolling-action-rpg-platformer (yea, it’s just easier to say Metroidvania, isn’t it?). It’s a schoolgirl with a pink lightsaber fighting robots and using magic…if you don’t dig that, well then I simply do not know what to tell you because that is a pretty sweet fucking combination. It’s a fun, and well worth the time and the effort it takes to set up a controller mapper….and as always, it is completely Free & Legit.

Download the game from the Yoyo Games page HERE :

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