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[Audio] Episode#04: Rocky I-IV

The audio edition of FFR is back! So what could be a better way to celebrate than looking at Rocky I-IV, four of the most popular films from the most popular sport movie franchise


Here’s another episode of audio version of Fast Forward Reviewer. This time, I take a look at Rocky, the most popular franchise in sport movies genre. The reason I did this review is because that I love these flicks, especially the first film. There was a time when I was really depressed and hopeless, but, luckily, I decided to watch original Rocky and, surprisingly, it cheers me up a lot!


And at this point I think some of readers/listeners might wonder “Where’s Rocky 5 and Rocky Balboa”? Well, the truth is…I had never seen both movies when I recorded it. But now I’ve seen Rocky 5. AVOID IT AT ANY COST! Rocky 5 is super annoying and still looks ridiculous although the director tries to bring back the “working class” attitude from the first film. One of the main factors why this film sucks is because of Rocky’s son. His character is basically one of those “My dad doesn’t care about me! My dad doesn’t care about me!” stuffs that you’ve seen in Lifetime movies before. This gag is super redundant here since it’s used again and again and again. It annoys me a lot. And what about Tommy Gunn and Don King look-a-like subplot? Well, the extravaganza style of plot like this doesn’t work well with the rawness attitude of the first film. To make things worse, too many subplots in this film disillusion audience.

Regardless, here’s my audio review of Rocky 1-4. Enjoy!


Download it here.

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