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Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written an article, but things have been busy, and it’s taken me a bit to adjust to student life…but enough with all that bullshit, lets dive into some crazy random obscure game that I found somewhere on the interwebz. Oh look! A pretty decent Castlevania clone !
Is that a sword? What the fuck?

So this is obviously based on 8Bit era Castlevainia, with a few different attack esthetics, and a semi-16Bit level design. That sounds boring on the surface, but it actually holds up pretty well despite being a clone of another game. There are no Belmonts or even Dracula in this game, so don’t mistake it for some sort of rom hack, as this is apparently a Gamemaker product with it’s own (simple) storyline… A storyline that really does not matter because this game is pretty much centered around the gameplay.


Screenshot - 12_24_2013 , 5_54_36 PM

You may notice that this game does not use a whip, but instead a sword that grows with each power-up. This actually gives you a larger radius of attack as you reach a good portion above as well as in front of you with every hit.  Weapons that were not really around till the 16Bit era of the Castlevania series seem to make an appearance here, such as the boomerang.
Screenshot - 12_24_2013 , 5_58_06 PM

Controls seem pretty smooth, and yes, there is controller support. The game lets you use either the D-pad or analogue stick for movement, and all buttons can be set in the options menu. Movement in this sort of classic style game is key, and I see no hesitation or flub-ups in the controller mapping while playing. Do you still get thrown beck when you are hit, as in many of the classic Castlevania games? well for better or for worse…Yes. But it does not mean instant death sentence in this game as it did for those others. I frequently found myself being thrown miraculously onto platforms on many occasions, which was not the case for most people when it came to classic Castlevania.
Screenshot - 11_18_2013 , 6_03_06 PM

Sound is fine I guess. I mean, it seems like Music has hiccups like simply stopping after a few levels, but when I do hear it, It’s pretty catchy. Sound effects are about what you would expect as well from a game like this.

Screenshot - 12_24_2013 , 6_14_36 PM

Overall , it’s a good game , perhaps a bit hard, but that is again a famous trait of 8-Bit Castlevania games. It’s low requirement (can run on practically any PC), has Controller support, and even has surprising resolution settings (which I’m not sure are even necessary).  If you are a Castlevania fan, it be stupid not to at least try it out, after all, It’s completely Free & Legit.

Get the game HERE!! :

castle clock tower

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