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Codename: Sailor V

This is one that comes from a page filled to the brim with Sailor Moon fan games. I tend to be more obscure minded, so I thought I would start off with a Sailor V game rather than the usual full crew. Do you enjoy beat’em-up’s ? Have you ever read the “Codename: Sailor V” manga? Well I have not, but I do enjoy beat’em up games, as well as Sailor Moon, and I am well aware of the Japanese Sailor Senshi arcade games, so I thought I would give this a shot.

This is actually the Wii version, which requires a soft-modded Wii. However the game is pretty much the same for every platform it is available on, although I would say the PC version is a good bit smoother, but that might be due to this person’s recording device

So at first, the controls are a bit confusing, so make sure you go to adjust them in the options menu. While you are there, you can adjust your video which offers several filters that will be very familiar to people who use emulators. After you adjust the game to your personal comfort, you can feel free to start your game with confidence that you will not get lost or forget button locations. Fighting is a bit odd if you have never played on of the original Sailor Senshi arcade games, I want to say it is comparable to Double Dragon, or obviously Streets of Rage ( this game is built on an engine called “Beats of Rage Open”), but that would not be accurate, although I cannot really think of anything else to compare it to. You have your punches, Kicks, jump kicks, Jump and super move, and this will not always help you avoid getting pummeled by enemies to either side of you. I know I keep bringing up “arcade” as a term, but everything about this game SCREAMS arcade, especially how hard this god damn game is, I am going through lives like fucking drops of water from an overfilled cup…and that is how arcade cabinets used to be….fucking money vacuums. If I was actually putting quarters in this thing, I would have blown about 20 bucks in the first hour or two .

Code Name Sailor V Wide Pic 1

The look of the game is obviously reminiscent of 90s era arcade games, and is pretty nice to look at. There is some fan dubbed elements in the beginning as well as in between levels, and yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but it’s not terrible compared to actual anime dubs I have heard in my lifetime. You pick between Sailor Venus, and some police officer chick I never pick, but she has a gun, and people drop clips and other guns, but I have not been able to find a way to use it, so i just whale on everyone in a very “Ninja Turtles” fashion. Speaking of ninjas, this game uses a strange shadow character feature that is similar to that of Ninja Gaiden II, it mimics your controls and you actually use buttons regularly unused by you just controlling the single character….it’s kinda strange, and sometimes awkward, but not all that bad of an idea either.

SV - 0011

So, as you can read under the video, this game is freely available for multiple platforms, although everything except for Dreamcast and PC require “soft” modding of those systems, which has been popular for a very long time (Dreamcast never needs to be modded, you simply burn and play). I am not going to direct you to any info on that, if you have one of those systems, and it sounds interesting, look it up yourself, I am not mixing up in all that.

SV - 0015

So if you are interested in a hot Japanese blonde fighting crime across Tokyo in a CP2 style arcade package then I think you just found your game. Pick your system , and start the carnage! And as always, if you read about it here, it is Obviously Free & Legit.

Get the game from the dedicated site HERE!!

Codename Sailor V case cover

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