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Dracula 13

Ah, the platformer. The steak and potatoes of classic style gaming. What happens when you take this classic game style and add a parody horror theme, a crazy selection of weapons, and a lot of exploding bodies filled with more bones than physically possible? You get a game that deserves to be an underground hit, and eventually a cult classic.

Witness Dustin Kidd (Reviewdrone) get his ass kicked by a giant eyeball…over and over

So, as you may notice from Dustin Kidd’s playthrough video of this game…it is pretty hard. Not the kind of hard that comes with being a badly constructed game, but hard because it is a well crafted challenge. You WILL die…a LOT. but that is ok, because that never stopped us from playing NES games as a kid. Once you get the rhythm of things, you should be able to melt right into the classic style gameplay with no problems..lose of life be damned.

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Now ,you should know that this game has no controller support, which is always unfortunate, however, I myself used Xpadder to play, and after setting the very simple button configuration,  it felt as natural as if it came with the control support itself. As always, here is a screenshot of my Xpadder layout (using my PS2 controller on a USB controller hub). I hope this helps you easily figure out a smooth configuration.

Xpadder config

The graphics are perfectly fitting for this type of vintage game, and are pretty damn sweet. There are lot detailed animations, sometimes unnecessarily so , like in the coin blocks ( the faces “decompose” when you hit them). Fire is a bit of a spectacle in this also, and the screen can sometimes get filled by fireballs coming from multiple angles. EXPLODING BONES!!  A good bit of the enemies have a tendency to explode with more bones then they could possibly contain when you destroy them. YOU also explode into a bloody bony mess when you die, and really, the author tried to fit a bit of splatter into every situation that could possibly call for it

Screenshot - 8_9_2013 , 10_19_52 AM

The music is brilliant, and be prepared to have it stuck in your head, mostly because you will drill it in trying to complete a board over and over. Honestly, that is about all I can say … It’s pretty fucking rad.

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This game deserves your attention!!  PLEASE do not let the fact that this game requires a controller mapper to use a USB controller stop you from enjoying this absolutely brilliant game!!! I am absolutely floored that this game has had almost NO attention given to it despite it’s high quality, and we need to change that. Are you downloading it yet? You should be, after all, it is completely Free & Legit.

Download it from the Yoyo Games page Here:

New York Blackout 2003


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