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Fate By Numbers

Remember FMV games from the 90s? You did not have to own a PC to play them, as a few of the later 90s consoles also offered this genre of game/interactive movie . There were a few different types of FMV games, but we will be delving into the “point and click Detective” sub genre this session with a MUCH more recent entry. Like Noir? The detective fiction genre, not the Rockstar game. Let me introduce you to something that I would have never thought i would choose for this section, but after playing it, I felt the need to spread the word around to those who might possibly dig it.

Detective work is not for everyone, mostly because not everyone is willing to really take in and examine their surroundings meticulously. The first time I played this game, I thought it would be a piece of cake. I meant, it’s just going through motions right? It’s only an FMV….WRONG, there ARE multiple outcomes and different ways to achieve those outcomes. It’s not a Linear playing field, it is a world that opens wider as you uncover the correct clues but not an exactly “Open World” given this IS an FMV. I don’t really want to give away any of the story, given it is a completely story driven game, so I will just say this : When in doubt, show the Bartender whatever picture you have, and CHECK YOUR DAMN PHONE!!

Fate by Numbers Wide Pic  2

Now the look of the game kinda feels like i am playing a 90s game from an alternate universe….? I’m not sure how to describe it. There are elements that are SOO damn 90s , but then there is so much that is something the 90s would not have been able to do. I’m really not sure if it was purposefully done that way, or that is simply how the end product came out due to budget constraints. For example, sometimes you can see where characters are cut into the background, but then sometimes it looks suburb. Sometimes the acting comes off a bit cheesy, but then it oddly feels like ” hey these are just normal people going through shit, they do not have to be overacting thespians” .Really, the fact that it is all in B&W makes everything work somehow, if this was in color, I’m not sure it would all come together as well. This project seems to have as much heart as any good non-FMV game , and the black and white certainly helps play to the strengths of this sort of Nostalgic experience, which is ironically set in the future….or alternate universe, I am not really sure.

This being a “point and click” means that controls are not really an issue, the mouse moves smooth, and the buttons work when you push them. Now i will note that the one big thing that works in this games favor over an actual 90s FMV game ( besides high resolution ) is there are NO loading times other than loading a saved game itself. Every transition is quick and painless, and given there is a LOT of traveling from one place to another looking for clues and shit, there is NO “Now loading” screens, and everything is pretty much instantaneous.

Fate by Numbers Wide Pic 1

In the end, I loved it, and now I am actually interested in playing more modern FMVs as well as classics I might have missed, but the kicker with this one as opposed to those others, is this game is FREE ! so what are you waiting for? Go to the official site, grab the iso and patch on the download section ( you MAY need either Daemon Tools or Power Iso to mount the disk for the install, but most gamers of a higher than a “mostly play COD” caliber already have those ).

Fate By Numbers disk case cover


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