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Feminists, GG, SJWs, Normies And More Unite On Social Media To Attack GAWKER

Friday night several usually combative social media groups found a common cause to fight together-Gawker Media*. The site posted an article entitled “Condé Nast’s CFO Tried To Pay $2,500 for a Night With a Gay Porn Star”:


Normally this would be par for the course for the site (it’s essentially the online equivalent of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER), but a few facts became quickly apparent about this particular post:

  • The subject of the hit piece is the CFO of the company that owns Reddit (the discussion site that has been deemed an “enemy” of Gawker)
  • The subject is the brother of a former Obama Treasury Secretary
  • The subject was named yet the alleged extortionist was not
  • The subject is married with children who has never claimed to be gay or bisexual
  • One of Gawker’s affiliate sites (Jezebel*) has built its “reputation” on radical feminism and social justice causes…such as NOT outing alleged closeted individuals unless there is a (relatively) news-related reason to do so

In addition, the Gawker collection of sites (including videogame portal Kotaku*) have been extremely vocal of GamerGate and were some of the most prominent media outlets referring to it as an anti-feminist “hate mob” using the “excuse” of journalism ethics to bully SJW causes:


Needless to say, the GamerGate collective immediately went to work pointing out this hypocritical behavior on twitter and message boards…but a funny thing began to happen-SJW proponents, neutral netizens, journalists and even Gawker’s own readership began to complain:


And as the public voiced their outrage, GamerGate quickly filled timelines with all the info they’ve been screen-capping for the past year to demonstrate Gawker’s pattern of behavior:





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And as they continue to press the issue, recent info has come to light that implies that the escort who provided the “scoop” may in fact be legitimately insane:


This continual signal-boosting eventually lead to a GamerGate tweet giving info about contacting Gawker’s advertisers to complain getting included in a USA TODAY online article:


Now of course it hasn’t been complete smooth sailing (as trolls on each side can’t resist prodding the others), but for the most part the majority involved seem to be concentrating on getting the word out as opposed to pointless bickering. But this story is far from over-click HERE to stay up to date for twitter’s most recent developments.

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*The editor considers the unethical, immoral and clickbait-driven tactics of Gawker Media unacceptable and as such will not provide links to their content-if you INSIST on seeing their article for yourself please use this archive link so that they can’t generate monetized page views from your visit.


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  • GunsmithKitten
    July 20, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    I despise GamerGate immensely, but in this case, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer website cartel…

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