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Friday the 13th: Part I-VIII (a.k.a. Paramount Era) review

(Note: This article is slightly adapted from what I wrote on my tumblr long time ago. I think I have to edit it in a more proper way update my opinion on few things)

Friday The 13th: Paramount era review
I’m a HUGE fan of Jason Voorhees, especially the Paramount era of the franchise. What fascinates me about this franchise are characterization of Jason and killing scenes are memorable while the plot is stupid and lame (let’s face it, later entries in this franchise are basically slapstick horror films). These ingredients are main reasons why I love Jason. And if I have to choose between him and other slasher icons, I’ll choose Jason for sure. (For those who haven’t heard this one, I HATE Chucky and Freddy! Why? They are so annoying! If Chucky or Freddy confronted me, I would give them a microphone so they can do a standup comedy act…and I would pass away in next few minutes)

In celebration of Halloween day (and since reviewing Halloween franchise is too mainstream), I decide to take an informal look at the golden era of our hockey-mask killer: a Paramount era. I’m going to tell you not only main reasons why I love/hate these films, I’m going to tell you who’s my favorite girls from these films. Yep, these women are another reason that attract guys like us to watch slasher films like this, aren’t they?


1) Friday The 13th (1980)

This is the most thrilling one in the entire franchise, why? Because we have no idea who the killer is (HINT: It’s not Jason). So,  in order to create suspense atmosphere, the POV shot is used in the movie to make audience wait for the revelation of killer. Also, the setting of the movie is pretty cool because it happens in Camp Crystal Lake. It’s dark, desolate, and it has an urban legend about a maniac. That’s perfect place for a horror film! Plus, our Crazy Ralph is a unique character for its time. Back then, only few characters in horror films try to warn people about what will come next, so F13 was kinda innovative for having character like him: an old guy who does nothing but to warn young kids NOT to go to Camp Crystal Lake. I wish there was a mockumentary about this guy.

The plot? Teenagers go there to renovate Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, they have no idea who’s waiting for them. Sure, there are LOTS of familiar cliche here, but since it has good atmosphere and story telling, I think it still gives audience chilling.

What I love about this film:

– Special effects: This is one of a few horror films from the past that still stands the test of time. Lots of gory effects here are still shocking and very graphic even by today’s standard. For those who have seen this film, I guarantee there’s no way you can forget Jack and Marcie death scenes.

– POV shot

– Soundtrack: it’s kinda outdated by today’s standard, but this is the first film that has the “ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma” (NOT “ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah” as many people say). The reason for that sound? You have to watch an ending, man.

– The twist ending: It’s a knock-off of Carrie ending, but it still makes audience scream “Holy shit!”. I love it.

Cute girls of the film: Annie, the girl that should have been in the Camp Crystal Lake. She’s cute! Who knows, she might be the “final girl” of the film if she could made it to the camp.

Marcie, of course. No reason added. Just look at this picture…

2) Friday the 13th Part II (1981)

This is the first one that included Jason as a villain, although he looks ridiculous in this one because of his sack mask. Anyway, similar setting, similar plot, but Crazy Ralph dies in this one (NOOOO!). But what satisfied me is that it has more sex and nudity, which is easier to grab teenagers to watch film like this. Also, the survivor of last film is killed in the very first scenes. I’m not sure why (I heard that because an actress who played this character demanded more money, not sure how true it is), but this is a great twist for those who have seen original film and think that she’s gonna survive in this one.

What I love about this film: The film still has good elements like the first one, although we’ve seen these stuffs before and it’s not as gory as the last one. Still, it has pretty good and memorable death scenes.

Cute girls of the film: Vicki, the cutest girl in the F13 history. She’s cute and sexy at the same time. Sadly, her death scene is one of the lamest kills in the history of slasher film genre. No joke.

Sandra. She looks young and…you know what I think, right? Unfortunately, I read an interview with Marta Kober, an actress who played this role, and find out that her life was somehow fallen due to the drug use. She didn’t openly say that, but….just read an interview closely, she’s really weird and looks somehow older than what should be.

3) Friday The 13th Part III (a.k.a. Friday The 13th 3D) (1982)

Finally, Mr.Voorhees has his hockey mask in this film. Although I’ve seen this one only few times, I still can’t get over the most annoying thing in this film:every object in this flick is trying TOO HARD to fly toward screen! I mean, come on!, I know it’s 3-D movie. But you don’t have to make anything splash in the audiences’ face because when you watch it in 2D version, it’s very very stupid.

Anyway, this one did not take place in Camp Crystal Lake (yay!). And the best thing about it is the final battle. I’m pretty sure that it is regarded as one of the most memorable moments from F13 franchise.

What I love about this film: Final battle and Chili’s death scene (it’s stupid and hilarious!)

Cute girls of the film: Vera, I guess.

4) Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Hooray! The “would-be” ending of the franchise is here. To me, it’s the BEST one. The thrilling, the plot about young kid who loves to watch gory films and her sister, the teenagers next door, and the final battle that we’ve been waiting for. It’s awesome and unforgettable. But if I had to pick the bad thing about this film, well, I don’t know. How about sex scenes that we can’t see anything?

What I love about this film:

– Soundtrack. It still thrills me.

– Chilling and thrilling atmosphere.

– Sub-plot about violence in young kids.

– final battle.

Cute girls of the film: Well, either Tina (the one from twin sisters who had sex with “George McFly”)


and Samantha (you know, the hottest chick in this one!)

5) Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

“If Jason still haunts you, you are not alone” For some reason, this tagline reminds me of this…

Scary, isn’t it?

BTW, Why did Paramount have to bring Jason back again? I don’t know. And the plot is kinda stupid to me. (Do I have to tell you guys again that, technically, the killer is NOT same Jason Voorhess from previous flicks?) It’s the one that I rarely watch so I don’t know what should I say more about this one.

What I love about this film: N/A

Cute girls of the film: Violet (breakdance chick)

and Robin. (Sorry Tina, although you has a big breast but you always cry like a sissy!)


6) Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

Another awesome one. This one is perfect because it has the old chilling and thrilling atmosphere mixed with comedic tone and it has the well-done plot. You have no idea who’s gonna be the next victim, especially the camp counselor….this is kinda different than most of films in this franchise in which everyone knows who’s gonna be the next victim. It takes us back to the classic style of slasher films from late 70’s-early 80’s era.

Also, this one has the awesome comedy gags throughout the film. Just look at this opening scene…

…at the 38 marks, it’s a parody of Bond intro! I love it.

What I love about this film:

– Alice Cooper music. I’m not a fan of Alice Cooper, but that song blows me away when I heard it for the first time.

– The suspense, the thrilling plot, and the comedy

Cute girls of the film: Nikki, who else could it be!

7) Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1987)

Technically, I reviewed it before. So I think you should go there and read it…


What I love about this film:

– Cheesy plot

– Hilarious death scenes

– Final battle

– Chicks

Cute girls of the film: Kate or Sandra. Why? Kate is the character that speaks only a few lines, so we have no idea what’s her opinion about Jason and other things. She might gives us thoughtful dialog, who knows?

And Judy, because her sleeping bag death scene is fantastic and she has one of the best lines in franchise: “Okay you big hunk of a man, come and get me!

8) Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1988)

“You tearing me apart Jason!” I said that because this one should have filmed in Manhattan at least 80%. But, in reality, most of the event that happened in the film are happened in the boat that supposed to go to Manhattan. Wow. What a disappointment.

Anyway, this one has the BEST MOMENT in the F13 franchise and slasher film history. It’s the boxing match between Jason Voorhees and Julius. You have to see the result of this match, it’s so hilarious and so awesome that it makes me wanna watch Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry again.

What I love about this film:

– Rock music

– That boxing match

– Blatantly stupid first scene. The whole first scene is hilariously bad and doesn’t make any sense (at least, to me). But the best thing about that part is THIS death scene. Come on! She should have jumped out of the boat (if I remember correctly, that’s what she does in original script! I’m not sure why they changed it)

Cute girls of the film: J.J. for sure, she’s awesome!

After Paramount era, I rarely watch the New Line era of F13. Because, just like The Beatles, every famous stars should end their fame when they are still famous. Although Jason was a cliche at the released of eighth film, I think it’s better to stop the story of Jason there.

Because, to me, Jason Voorhees is king of the 80’s slasher genre.

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