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Guns & Spurs

Usually when people think of “Vintage” style graphics, they do not necessarily think PS1 3D, however, that era of games is firmly engraved into the memories of a huge demographic of people, and there is a good number of games from that era that people go back and play without question. So when I came across this, I instantly thought “Red Dead on PS1”, with the addition of everything having a somewhat vintage cowboy toy type appeal. But take a look for yourself……

Yes it is blocky and imperfect, but it is also charming and fun. This game knows exactly what it is, and has no problems with it, so nether should you. It IS a throwback game, and even has throwback glitches, but nothing that actually effects much in the game. All that all being said….it’s pretty fucking sweet! There is a nice bit of world to explore, wanted missions, racing missions, hidden treasure, quickdraw fights, and even card games! This is honestly pretty delightful, and has way more work and detail put into it than you would expect. They even threw in a little bit of character customization.

Guns & Spurs Wide shot 1

This is a 3rd /1st person game, so I really do not have too much trouble with the fact there seems to be no controller support. But if you DO want it, make sure you have a controller mapper that covers dual analog, other than that, the controls are pretty  much the same as every FPS on PC ever. Being this is a throwback style game, the requirements are pretty damn low, so this is another game that would be good to throw on that older PC your not sure what to do with ( here is a hint, get a super cheap video card with a Standard definition video output, and hook it up to an old TV) .

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This was a game made for you to just wander around in. As far as I can tell there is nothing really set in stone, and everything is pretty free and open . when you walk into town, or near building, they use a GTA style “Light Shaft” indicator to let you know what buildings you can enter. Among the buildings are a saloon, where you can get a drink, or bet some money in a card game. Obviously, you also have the standard set of Safehouses, Weapons shops, as well as having a bank to save your cash in, among a few other things.

Guns & Spurs Wide Shot 2

A game that feels like it could have ruled the early PS1 era as the first open world Western, and that is what I dig about it, as well as making it an effective “throw-back” game. It is also pretty easy to just pick up, do a mission or two, go to a safehouse, save, and step back away from until later. So if you have been bitching about the fact that there are not enough western games on PC, you should really give this a go, and why should not you? It’s totally Free & Legit, what can it hurt?

Get the game from the authors dedicated site HERE!!

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