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Metroid – Confrontation

Metroid, at least the two-dimensional end of the franchise, is one of the most beloved titles in video games history, yet after ending production of Gameboy Advance games, Nintendo pretty much said “Fuck it”, went 3D, and never really looked back (and don’t try to claim “Other M” was like the originals, because in my opinion, it was not even close). Fandom eventually answered the call to continue making 2D Metroid games, and in the course of creating an entirely different Metroid fan game (a huge Metroid 2 remake) the Project AM2R team created a completely separate game. Even though this is a shorter experience than you would expect from this franchise, that does not mean it is any less a worthwhile game, and in fact is an easily digestible way to get your Metroid fix.

The plot of the game is that the game itself is a simulation being tested on Samus, giving a neat little set up for why this is all actuality a condensed version of several classic Metroids all in a nice little package. There are only three bosses, which sounds like a tease, but this game was never actually meant to exist, or so says the AM2R team, which stands for “Another Metroid 2 Remake”, that is also the name of the game this games’ engine was developed for. This is meant to be a way you can a get decent Metroid experience in roughly half the time. The makers even encourage the idea of doing speed runs, as this game may only take a few hours …or less, if you are some sort of super bad ass game savant…and more than likely Asian.

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The controls are silky smooth on my PS2 usb hub controller, and the button mapping actually reminds me of the Gameboy Advance era of the series. Samus may have a lot more agility than you remember if you have not played the series since the SNES, and can leap around in sort of a Ninja Gaidan fashion. This new agility, added to a very healthy dose of Morphball based secrets, an unlockable medal system, and a very simple pixel mod set-up in the game folder itself, all help add to the replay value and counterbalance the fact that it is a shorter game.
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Obviously, a lot of pixels were lifted from other Metroid games, but there are a lot of custom elements as well, like the way this game uses light effects and objects tracing and what not. Even though this is constructed visually from other games, this feels like a REAL Metroid game, there is never a sense of it being anything less than something that would actually come out on a Nintendo gaming console of some sort.

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If this game is any indication of what AM2R’s main project will be like, then I am really looking forward to it. This was a great little experience, and I would certainly recommend it to any Metroid fan, no question. The requirements are low, the gameplay is superb, and obviously, if you are reading about it here, it is Free & Legit.

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Get the game from the creators site Here !!

Game case cover Illustration by Cloud-07 at :

Metroid - Confrontation Case Cover


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