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How about a 3d game where the actual “game” part takes place on the textures of blocks, as a combination platformer/Puzzler, with what might be the most advanced way to use 8-bit graphics I have ever seen. Said game was also developed by students at the Kobe Institute of Computing in Japan, and it was presented during their 10th Digital Works Anniversary (2009-2010) …apparently………..this is Monolith .

I want to say this game is about Forest Spirits protecting nature from a hidden reality… but I actually have no idea and am probably looking too deeply into it

Okay, obviously this game is almost completely in Japanese , but PLEASE don’t let that push you away, because it is really not a factor to fully enjoy it! This game is really a nice simple platformer , but with a Strange 3d puzzle twist I have not seen executed in this way in a game before. Visually this is the most stunning 8-bit style platformer I have ever laid my eyes on. This really looks like something Nintendo would put out on Wii or Wii-U as an In-house game ( that is obviously my personal observation) , but really this is something I am simply amazed has not gotten any sort of Console release…..but it is a bit more on the obscure side, and does not even have a web site to promote it.

[SCM]actwin,0,0,800,600;MONOLITH monolith 2/16/2013 , 4:04:09 AM

The controls are straight forward and responsive, but might feel a bit “floaty” to some people , but I think this is due to this game being a bit of a process hog , and all the depth of field stuff going on in the background takes up VRAM, so even though it is a relatively simple game, you really need 1 gig or more to run it proper with no real slowdown . The Fullscreen option is actually a batch file, so if you plan on playing the game in fullscreen make sure you click that file instead of the actual Monolith.exe .

[SCM]actwin,0,0,800,600;MONOLITH monolith 2/16/2013 , 12:26:02 AM

This feels like a classic that could be enjoyed by any demographic ( unless the Japanese in the game is very smutty, and I just can’t understand it ). The love put into this game makes me hope that the students who developed this game moved on to less obscure projects, as they certainly have a talent and vision that appeals to the vintage gamer inside everyone. And as always, if this was not a completely FREE ( and Legit) game, I would not be talking about it

Monolith 1

Get the game HERE!! :

[SCM]actwin,0,0,800,600;MONOLITH monolith 2/13/2013 , 11:53:51 PM



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