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Ever wondered what a Greek Legend of Zelda would be like?  Well given both LoZ and Greek Mythology are awesome, you should expect you are in for a treat. What this game lacks in graphical polish it more than makes up for in gameplay and fun. Get ready to plunge into the Mediterranean with this N64/PS1-style take on ancient Greece.

As I said, this game fits into the N64/PS1 style of graphics, so as long as you are cool with that, you will not have many issues with it…outside perhaps the animation. As with a lot of homebrew games, it’s usually just one guy, and while that one guy might be good at a lot of things that help make a good game, there might be one thing that he is not so good at, in this case it’s apparent from the 1980s Kenner action figure movements that animation was not this creators’ strongest skill. But that is okay, because just like in another game I reviewed, Guns & Spurs, I learned that having those stiff “toyish” animations make it feel like I’m, well, playing with toys. So it actually gives it a certain charm. No doubt this could play on almost any piece of shit computer that could at least run XP (and now I’m thinking of building a console out of an old PC)

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Controls are fine on Keyboard/Mouse I guess, however I opted to go the Xpadder controller mapping route .Yes, this game unfortunately does not have controller support…HOWEVER, I am going to show you my Xpadder set up, which feels as natural as if I was playing it on a console. Keep in mind, you may need to adjust your right analog/mouse sensitivity to your personal comfort. Also, My controller is a PS2 Duel Shock on a USB hub, if that makes any difference. ( it may…?)

Xpadder Config

Each town represents a “Level” and each one has a few quests you must complete before you move on. It plays out pretty smoothly, but make sure you find the temple in each town ( they contain Greek God Idols that give missions) , and return to it before you permanently leave that area, or else you may miss getting an item you need for the next area ( I made that mistake and had to start the game over)

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Overall, I think it’s pretty enthralling, and have put in several hours of gameplay. Fitting Xpadder to it worked out fantastic, and it feels like a classic that could have existed on a console from the late 90s ( for the most part). A lot of love was put into this game, and it shines through.  If you have been wanting to play a classic feeling adventure game set in Ancient Greece, then you absolutely have to get this game. And , as always, it is completely free and legit.

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Get it from the Yoyo Games page HERE :

Mythology Case Cover

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