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Punk’s Not Dead , Rogue Moon – Double Feature

Thought I would throw a curveball to make up for cheeping out last week with an older review (even though it was being introduced as a hosted game).. So here is a split article with two games I thought might have been too small and simple to review on their own, but were too good not to introduce to people.

Punk’s Not Dead

 (aka “PUNKSNOTDEAD”, aka 1979)

First up! We have a game with several names , and I think this description I found on the game’s home page describes it best :  “The year is 1979. You’re travelling in a car that then screeches up to the sidewalk next to the bustling crowds of people. You get out. And then you punch every fucker that stands in your way …” (Indie Statik)

The controls are simple, but there is no controller support, so if you are a controller person, this will require the added step of using a game controller mapper. Once you do that, you very well may want to set your “Up Arrow” key as a separate jump key instead of simply being set as part of the directional controls, because if you are like me, having UP as JUMP in anything that is not a fighting game can be a bit frustrating to adjust to. Otherwise, your controls are simply right/left arrows for left/right movement, up arrow for jump (as I noted before), and Z is your punch.

Punk's Not Dead Wide Pic 1

For as simple as this game is, it is actually pretty entertaining. The graphics and music really complements each other in a simplistic way that is still obviously more complex than an actual game from 1979, but it still feels like it should have been I guess. The more you line up people and objects in front of your attack, the more overall damage it does, because that first person you hit pretty much piles every object behind him, however, only having one or two people in that pile will not destroy the car at the end of the screen.

Screenshot - 5_10_2013 , 6_06_31 PM

Once you have destroyed pretty much all objects on the screen, you get an indicator to move over to the next screen/level. Farthest I have been able to get without getting shot is level 5. As I said, it’s simple, but it is also pretty addicting at times, and surprisingly, the very simplistic late 70s punk rock theme always playing in the background has not warn out on me yet. So check this one out for sure if you want something you can play in small increments pretty easily without getting involved in anything other than addicting gameplay.

Punk's Not Dead Wide Pic 2

Get the game from the creators site HERE!

Punk's Not Dead Case Cover





Rogue Moon

Let’s just pretend the universe is something that moves around a bit quicker, and moons use gravity to hop planets and travel to the sun ..which it uses to teleport to the next solar system. That may sound crazy, but that holy shit does it make for a fun gravity based little game.

This game is ALL directional pad for gameplay (again, you will need a controller mapper if you are not a keyboard person), and you have to figure out the rhythm of the moons’ orbit and sling shot maneuvers, it is not something I can really explain, but expect to be flung into deep space more than a few times even after you get better at it. Then once the game thinks you are far enough, it starts throwing crazy god planets at you if you proceed to crash into planets instead of pulling off a proper orbital path.

Screenshot - 5_10_2013 , 6_19_41 PM

There is no music…But the sounds, the SOUNDS!!! Creepy, oddly majestic, and kinda reminiscent of 1950s-1980s sci fi cartoons. Just WOW. I do not know why it just hits the perfect spot for me, but it does. As for the graphics, they are perfectly simple, and I like that the color of space changes with each turn as opposed to each level, it keeps things from getting stale to the eye.

Rogue Moon Wide Pic

Honestly not a whole lot else to say about this. It is ingeniously simple, but fun and worth while. If you like gravity games, then you should really give this a try,or if you just to turn up the ambient background noises really loud and try to have sex with your significant other, that works too. Will He/she do it? Will it be just be too strange and dreamlike to complete the full act? Will they even speak to you again afterwards? Who cares!!! Because, as always, this game was completely Free & Legit.

Screenshot - 5_10_2013 , 6_23_15 PM

Get the game from Gamejolt HERE!

Rogue Moon Case Cover


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