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South Park review #07:Grounded Vindaloop

Another episode of South Park is right here. And what can I tell ya?


The plot
Cartman lures Butters into thinking that Butters lives in virtual reality. Unfortunately, things start to get weirder and weirder [plot twisted guarantee].


My comments
Although the whole episode takes a jab at Oculus VR and outsourcing customer service call center, I’m not gonna lie to you….this is one of the most badass episode of the show in recent years. Although it asks us the same questions you’ve heard before: “Are we live in reality or virtual world?”, the pacing is really fun and challenging. Every 5 minutes there will be a plot twist that changes our mind about the plot in this episode, until we have no idea what’s ACTUALLY happened in this episode anymore. I really love it. Plus, I love a HUGE plot twist at the end. I dare you guys (who haven’t seen it, duh) to guess about it because there’s no way you can guess it right!


Sorry for my much much shorter review, but it’s really hard to explain this episode and it’s better to know the least about it. Get ready for one of the most unique experience in this episode of South Park . Enjoy!

Thumbs up.

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