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South Park review #01: Go Fund Yourself

The waiting is over. 18th season of South Park is right here! If I survive from projects in this semester, I’ll give my opinion about episodes in each week. So let’s begin with the first episode: Go Fund Yourself.


The plot
The boys want to start a new company, so they don’t have to go to school anymore. But after find out that the name Washington Redskins has lost its trademark due to race issue, Cartman decides to use this name for a company. Their goal? Well, they open an account on Kickstarter website to get money and give nothing to donators. Their business works great until the NFL team pisses off and tries everything to stop them from “embarrassing” their team’s name.

My opinion
First few jokes in this episode are disappointing, but after Cartman brings the Redskins name…the joke becomes better and better. I enjoy watching this episode because Trey Parker, the show’s creator, writer and director, managed to combine FIVE issues into one episode.

– Redskins controversy
– NFL scandals (They even go so far to put a soundbite of Roger Goodell into this episode)
– Kickstarter scam (It makes fun of some people who use Kickstarter to make money and decide to give nothing to donators)
– Apple Keynote (There are scenes in which Cartman does keynote speech about company’s policy. Plus, check out two new logos of Redskins. I know the joke is kinda childish. But who cares? It makes me laugh)
– ISIS (Yep. ISIS even uses the same tactic for fundraising)


Overall, it may not be a great episode, but still a pretty fun stuff to watch. The pacing is okay. The social commentary is as great as always (Check out the ending, I think it’s kinda clever). Hey, at least I think it’s way better than the disappointing “Let Go, Let Gov”.

Thumbs up.

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