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South Park review #02: Gluten Free Ebola

Another episode of South Park is right here. And what can I tell ya?


The plot

After the failure of Redskins Company, the boys try to hold a party to gain their popularity again. Unfortunately, there’s a gluten outbreak. What’s that? Well, if anyone eats gluten/wheat products (like bread or even a can of beer), he/she will die immediately. And if you’re a male, your dick will “fly off”. After Randy and Mr.Garrison are captured due to their involvement with gluten products, Cartman finally come up with a solution to save the day….
My opinion
This episode is making fun of gluten craze and Ebola epidemic. Just look at the outbreak, everybody freaks out and over-panic which is similar to what happened in real life. Plus, there’s a dialog from USDA character…

“Alright, listen up! We have the obligation to makes things right and tell people what is and isn’t safe to eat. We are the USDA!”

That kinda sums up what we love about South Park politics*, isn’t it?

Anyway, the very first few minutes of this episode still has the same problem as the last one: disappointing jokes. But, fortunately, after an epidemic begins, things get crazy as always.

Another thing I’d like to note here is the fact that an USDA actually explains us what gluten is. To be honest, I have heard a lot about gluten but, before watching this episode, I still had no idea about gluten at all. So I think I have to give a huge applause to the writing crew.

Overall, the beginning bits are still disappointing, but as the plot goes on, we still have crazy elements as always. It’s a mediocre episode that you can enjoy watching.

Thumbs up.
*Let’s be honest here, although South Park makes fun of everybody…the show has LOTS of Libertarian messages throughout 18 seasons and I’m okay with that.

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