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South Park review #05:The Magic Bush

**NOTE: The following review might contain writer’s opinion about political issues**

Another episode of South Park is right here. And what can I tell ya?


The plot
Cartman steals Butter’s dad’s drone. Unfortunately, Craig’s parent sees it while she’s naked. This results in two things: Butter’s dad becomes insane since he thinks a mysterious force controls the drone during an incident and the Neighborhood Watch program is formed. The NW program is consists of….*drumroll* another set of drones to spy drones!


My opinion
This is another episode that takes us back to the root of South Park: give us (Libertarian…sort of) opinion about current events. This time, they tackle LOTS of issues here. Where should I begin?

– Drone
This episode raises the question whether using drone is considered as spying on other people’s lives or not. Sure, using curtains may probably protect us from this object, but what would happen if a drone flew right above us while we had a dinner in a garden? Is that considered as an invasion of privacy?

And speaking of privacy…

– Sex, sex, SEX!!!
Cartman makes an interesting statement here…

“Privacy is gone. […] Your wiener, my balls..they are public domain! You can get on the internet right now and look at that chick from Hunger Game’s butt-hole.”

Sad, but true. Although these celebrities INTENTIONALLY took their photos and then shit happens, it’s true that our privacy is gone. Most of the time it’s not because of an invasion, it’s because we accidentally reveal things in one way or another. In this case, Craig’s parent forgets to shut curtains. As I said, this method doesn’t always work in real life, but in SP most of footage recorded by drones are captured from window of someone else’s house. It somehow teaches us to be more responsibility and more careful with dangerous trend of technology and lifestyle.

Also, the whole town become crazy about Criag’s parent’s “bushes” footage. After they form Neighborhood Watch (we’ll talk about that soon), they do nothing but using drones to spy on bedroom and watch people have sex. This somehow reminds me of a film Idiocracy, in which our future generations doesn’t give a shit about society…instead, they care about how to bang lots of chicks. It seems like this film predicts future pretty well, doesn’t it?

Let’s face it, the NW program is somehow similar to NSA. They claim to protect citizen’s lives, yet they spend most of time “spy” on other people lives.

– Michael Brown
The SP crew amazingly uses drones as a symbolism to making fun of riots in Ferguson. At first, Randy using NW drone to watch other people have sex. Then his “black” drone get shot by police. The protest begins and then riots….really similar to the real event out there. Hell, even the drones have a “candle protest” at one point.


This season of South Park just keep getting better and better. It cleverly delivers great messages as always, but it would be better if they had written this EXACT plot and use it as a Season 17 premiere since it makes fun of NSA in a much much better way.

Thumbs up.

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