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South Park review#10 [SEASON FINALE]: #HappyHolograms

A SEASON FINALE of South Park is right here, and what can I tell ya?


The plot
As the story continues, Kyle wants his younger to brother to pay less attention to PewDiePie, so he creates #SaveTheLivingRoom in order to raise awareness of family spending time together. The tag becomes a hit which leads Bill Cosby to use the tag to promote new Christmas TV special…which features him and TONS of celebrity (both in real life and hologram….That’s right, Lorde hologram is about to appear there) and Cartman.

My comments

Shock stuffs for money
As we learn from last episode, Lorde hologram is now being used by record company instead of the real one (Randy, of course) in order to create stunts for twitter trending and money. This emphasizes the theme of last episode about “trending is more important than content”. Let’s face it, this method works…but won’t last long. Let me tell you a story about Morton Downey Jr. show. It was an extremely popular talk show from late 80’s in which Morton Downey Jr. discuss various topics (from serious issues to stuffs like “Satanic rock band” or something like that). The show was famous for provocative host and outragous topics….so outragous that one of the crews actually say that “We might end up doing public execution on TV because we did everything there.”. As you can see, shock stuffs only work for short period of time and people will later tend to focus more on quality instead.

This is a main theme of season finale. In early scenes, we can see that TV in every home has dust all over it, which means that the good old days of staying together and watching TV isn’t as popular as what it used to be. Should family stay together and watch TV? I don’t know. There might be a better group activity out there, but family should stay together or do group activity in order to show careness to everyone.

Plus, this topic proves us one thing: twitter is a great tool to raise awareness on each topic. Sure, it works for only short period of time, but isn’t that a best place to start with?

Corporate Dictator
In this episode, entertainment company CEO still wants to name Christmas special as The Washington Redskins Go Fuck Yourself Holiday Special…which is extremely stupid name, but he still uses this name. Why? Because Cartman loves this name! Basically, a CEO thinks that Cartman’s popularity is enough to let him do whatever he wants, including naming TV show like this. This may sound ridiculous, but I have a feeling that something like this is about to happen now.

Parade of hot news
A classic traditional of South Park is back! In this episode, we have Bill Cosby who flirting with Taylor Swift during TV special and cops who enjoy choking black guys. These topics play little part in a plot, but still worth watching especially a cop subplot. It focus on a white-on-black crimes and police brutality by making a whole South Park cops racist. Just look at this dialogue from Sergeant Yates

“If he’s black, why couldn’t we choke him?”
Also, there’s a scene in which he arrests Michael Jackson hologram (an annoying character in this episode, BTW) and tries so hard to hide to fact that MJ is a black guy, so they can avoid being accused as racist. The jabs aren’t that great, but since it’s just a subplot in this episode, I’ll give it a pass.

Age gap between kids and parents
Another problem discussed in this episode is understanding between ages. Adults have no idea about newer trends while young kids making fun of how out of touch old people is. To me, the solution of this problem is that we should find something else that we can enjoy together, not making fun of how out of touch other side is.

Although MJ is really annoying and final resolution about Lorde remains unclear, this is a great heart-touching finale for this season of South Park. And what about the whole season in general? I absolutely love it! It might not be best season ever made, but it’s wittier than the last season and it tackes lots of issues around us, especially Uber episode since it becomes more and more controversial in my country (Yep, that’s my favorite episode in this season). It remains true to SP’s spirit of social critics and make us laugh so hard at the same time.

Well, that’s the whole season 18 of South Park…and I’m outta here.

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