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The Geek Juice Safety Brochure

as a public service, here’s some safety information for visitors of Geek Juice

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  • Mistress J
    Mistress J
    May 18, 2015 at 12:47 am

    LOL! My favorite is the “shoots trigger warnings on sight”. My mind immediately went to what shenanigans I would put people in, if I mad signs for everyone. I think mine would be “Warning: Mistress J Will Scalp Amiibo Scalpers” (holding up clash of the titans style) hmm.. my photoshop IS open… no, must not get sidetracked. But I am hyper & digress. And alas, I have already immortalized you as “Mister X The Game Master”… or was it “Captain X The Sex Master” XD ANYWHO, this was great!

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