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The Innkeepers (2010) – An Audio Review

‘Hey guys and gals, Charlie here! This is my first audio log/review for the website for you all to enjoy. I decided to go with Ti West’s “The Innkeepers” this week. In this I am actually joined by two good friends, Tim and Lyndsey, who happen to be working with me on other projects so I decided to let them join in on the fun. Before you listen to the audio file I must point out TWO mistakes that were made during the recording of it. Mistake one: I state that the hotel that the movie takes place in was the American Pedlar Inn, but it is in fact the YANKEE Pedlar Inn. I was close. Mistake two: This one is gonna cost me my geek card. At one point Ghostbusters was brought up and I call the device for detecting ghosts an EK meter. I know for a fact it’s called a PKE meter, but I was having a major brain fart moment and was running on about two hours of sleep. Other than that I hope you enjoy the little review/discussion!

Warning: May Contain Barking Dogs.

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