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Let’s Be Cops

lets-be-cops-posterAlex Jowski: So, you know how sometimes the release of a movie will be pre-empted because of the current state of affairs? Then we all laugh and say “Oh man, people are so sensitive!” Well this should have been one of those times!!

Current events aside, this movie is offensive. I have no respect for these characters who insult the field of law enforcement. I cannot tolerate what these characters are doing in the slightest and I don’t like the sense of humor this film has about it. Being a cop is rough, difficult work- I have friends that work in law enforcement and the stories they tell… ARE NOTHING LIKE THIS FUCKING MOVIE!!! Because they are TRAINED professionals. But let’s just make a mockery out of them for the sake of a few racist jokes. Oh look, the black girl is named “Precious” and nobody wants to believe that’s her real name. Ain’t that shit just fucking funny – because making fun of cops isn’t enough we gotta just make fun of black people too in fascinatingly cruel ways.

mister X: yea…given recent events i don’t feel comfortable even TALKIN’ bout this one

William Wright: Dopey idea for a dopey comedy, but I can see the appeal. I can see this as a mid day watch for me.

Caroline Madden: I like Jake Johnson from New Girl, so it might be nice to see him branching off into other comedy work in movies. It looks like it’s trying to capitalize on the success of the 21 Jump Street movies. Looks like an okay buddy cop movie, hopefully they realistically deal with how illegal this all really is, if not it would be very unbelievable how they could get away with all this.

Nuttawut Permphithak: First, we have generic action-comedy about two assholes who want to be cops because they wanna be cool. Then things get more intense. Let me guess, the moral of this story is: “Being a cop is a tough job. Don’t think it’s a joke”

But I have a feeling that I have to watch these two annoying guys first, just like in Bio Dome. No, thanks.

Justin Widerski: I’ve given the spiel about my dislike of modern comedies before, but this goes far beyond the normal levels of idiocy. This is downright offensive to cops and I’m sure it’ll be offensive to the audience with how frigging stupid it is.

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