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Movies for the Week of August 30th, 2014

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As Above So Below

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as above

Glenn Criddle: As found footage stuff goes this looks pretty good. The setting is great, it kind of reminds me of The Decent a bit and I liked that film a lot. As with all this kinds of films it’ll probably be not quite as exciting as the trailer makes it out but at least for once the whole hand held camera device feels right for the situation and not like a cheap cop out. European cities do have these kinds of places, many cities have tunnel networks beneath them and it’s cool to see them used as a place to set a horror and tunnels and the likes are often good at building up the tension what with the claustrophobic nature of them. I’ll be checking this out for sure, it’s the first found footage film in a long time that has me excited to see it.

Alex Jowski: “According to legend that’s the inscription written over the gates of hell.” That legend of course being The Inferno by Dante.

I want to like this movie and want to give it a fair show, honestly I do. Yet there is so much originality here that I just can’t get it the benefit of the doubt from just the trailer. Oh the Paris Catacombs – as if I haven’t seen at least 5 other horror movies about that. I mean it’s caves of thousands of dead people, everyone’s gonna want to tell a horror story about that. I’ll admit the personalization of the horror – things from the characters’ own pasts – does add a bit of intrigue but not enough to hook me. Perhaps if it wasn’t edited so frantically with all the common trailer tropes it wouldn’t feel like a schizophrenic movie. There might be a wonderful film hiding behind this awful presentation – who knows. But when you try to cram every jump scare and money shot into a handful of seconds it’s gonna make your movie look like crap.

Nuttawut Permphithak: I think I’ve seen it before. It’s called…
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Mike White: With a title that kind of sounds like, “It is what it is,” this one takes us to the spooky catacombs beneath Paris in a “found footage film” where… wait, does anyone really even care about this? No, I didn’t think so. I’d much rather see Indiana Jones discovering the gates of hell than a bunch of no-nothing twentysomethings where I’d root for them all to die.

William Wright: I think that this could work. I can see how the environment would help sell the scares. Should be a fun haunted ride.

mister X: so…after watching THAT, i did a google search to discover what the film was rated and stumbled across this:
succinctly sums up that trailer for me

Chris Ranta: To start us off, we get As Above So Below. I would be more okay with this if it weren’t for the found footage angle. This entire trailer is so beat for beat like every other found footage trailer. Hell, if it weren’t for knowing the title prior to watching this, I would’ve thought it was another Paranormal Activity movie. The scares are non existent, it doesn’t seem to create enough atmosphere and the characters are just as fucking expendable as they were last time. Pass

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