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Movies for the Week of December 26th, 2014

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The Woman in Black 2


Alex Jowski: I didn’t have the opportunity to see the first Woman in Black but I heard good things about it. Still didn’t hear enough about it so I have any context for the sequel. Though this just looks like jump scares in period dress to me – I’m not that interested; in fact I’m less interested in the sequel than I am in the original.

Nuttawut Permphithak: At first, I thought it’s about two girls in a secret organization who has to fights aliens. But it turns out to be a dark-ish horror film that has lots of jump scares. It might be a good film, but this trailer shows us that it’s a horror film that heavily relies on folklore, dark cinematography, and BOO! jump scare! I don’t know….I think I’d rather watch Men in Black 3 (which I hate) or a non-existant film called Women in Black (which has a same concept as I described) than watch this.

William Wright: British People and Jump Scares, that is this movie’s real title. While I would love for Hammer Films to make a real come back, I think I’ll stick with some classic Terrance Fisher films.

mister X: ya know…if u just remove the ‘jumpscare’ sound fx this is actually a kinda creepy old-schoolish trailer. i know little bout this franchise other than it’s part of HAMMER FILMS v3.1 but if the film is more of a sinister slow-burn than BOOM-LOUDNOISE-GOTCHA! then i might have to give it a watch when it comes to netflix

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