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Movies for the Week of January 10th, 2015

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Still Alice

Still Alive Sky Poster

Alex Jowski: Does anyone remember that movie Regrading Henry? You know, that movie where Harrison Ford got shot and had a stroke or something so he was all disabled and ailing? And at the time everyone who saw it was “Oh wow. Powerful. So moving,” and the like; that it was somehow touching to see a dude struggle with permanent disability that would never change. Nobody remembers Regarding Henry other than vague memories and mostly to say “Wasn’t that the movie where Harrison Ford played a retard or something?” That’s what Still Alice is… It’ll tug on a few heartstrings and maybe even get compared to Terms of Endearment in how it can choke up a few women, but a decade from now we’ll all have a vague memory of “Still Alice? Isn’t that the movie where Julianne Moore played a retard or something?”

Caroline Madden: Alzheimer’s is terrifying and incredibly sad. I’m still upset after seeing Michael Haneke’s Amour, which is no easy chore to get through. (Though still a beautifully heartbreaking film) Early onset of Alzheimer’s is even more upsetting, and I believe something not as explored in previous films about the disease. There’s already been Oscar buzz for Julianne Moore, who is long overdue for some recognition after many nominations. I’m very much looking forward to this.

Alessandro Hutt: So this is the film that Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore are rumoured to be up for award nominations for. Having seen Clouds of Sils Maria, which also came out this year, I know that Stewart can actually act – even with her past history with Twilight. Think of Natalie Portman and how she was labeled after her roles in the Star Wars prequels – Portman has since proven she is actually a talented actress, and Stewart has done the same. As for the movie Still Alice itself; it looks like an Oscar bait tearjerker, but that does not mean I’ll write it off so soon. I have not read the book by Lisa Genova so I can’t comment on that front.

William Wright: I don’t how I am going to respond to this movie. My Grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease and it was ultimately what took him. The film seems to be an interesting watch and I normally like Julianne Moore. Hell, Kristen Stewart looks ok in this. But the one day at a time message seems to setting the wrong tone for this kind of subject matter. So, I am 50/50 on this trailer.

Nuttawut Permphithak: Judging from trailer, this looks like we have another Oscar bait here. The trailer is filled with emotional scenes interspersed with words like “This is the most heart-touching film of the year” or something like that. Definitely not my taste, but it might cheer up audience.

Charley McMullen: At first I thought this was little more than a Lifetime movie with a better cast. Then, I saw that Kristen Stewart is in it. Now, I think it’s little more than a Lifetime movie. Trying not to be a cynical asshole all the time, I can acknowledge that there are good movies out there that are just flat-out life-affirming. This one might well be one of those, but I doubt I’ll ever see it. A scorpion is always a scorpion.

mister X: appears to a be a grounded, realistic look at a heartbreaking real-life problem…n’ sorry, but i have no interest in seeing it:i really have reached a point in my life where i don’t need movies to bring me down-got RL for that

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