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Movies for the Week of January 1st, 2015

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Rec 4

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Alex Jowski: Are we really still making these? “Prepare for the final chapter of the epic horror franchise!” That’s what you said about Rec 3. It looks great and I have enjoyed the series (though the US version Quarantine can go straight to hell, especially that shit-festering sequel). I’ll watch this, eventually. Not in any great hurry to and this trailer doesn’t really make me want to force it any higher on my to-do list. Wasn’t there a em>Resident Evil movie called Apocalypse as well? As I recall it kinda sucked.

Nuttawut Permphithak: Not only this trailer has every cliche in modern trend (constantly fades to black, that horn sound, and sound of someone’s car engine being turned off), it also looks more like a trailer for a video game. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if narrator said “[REC 4] Apocalypse…rated M for Mature” at the end of trailer. I mean, that’s okay if your film relies more on gory effects than the plot. Exploitation films did that in the past. But this looks MORE like few cutscenes from an Outlast sequel than an actual film. It’s kinda weird to me.

William Wright: So I see that movie dump season is starting to begin. I have not seen the other movies in this series, but nothing in this trailer really makes me care to run out and watch it. Sorry folks.

Charley McMullen: I am not as familiar with the …REC saga…as my fellow contributors, so I attempted to watch the trailer with an open mind and judge it on its own merits. That was probably a mistake because knowing who “her” is when they say “They tried to ISOLATE her…” seems important. Without knowing anything about it, this looks no better or worse than the bajillion other interchangeable zombie virus movies to come out since what feels like fucking forever.

mister X: they made 4 of these?!?

also, was that a ~BRAHHHHMMMMM~ or a foghorn at the beginning?

i know these flicks have a decent rep…n’ i TRIED to watch the first one…but

didn’t grab me…just like this trailer

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