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Movies for the Week of July 11th, 2014

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Mike White: “That first step is a doozy!” should be the tag line for this film where Pierce Brosnon and three other people who make a suicide pact. That is, a pact to not commit suicide. Based on a book by Nick Hornsby, this movie looks right up my Mom’s alley. I’ll probably be watching it on cable by X-mas.

William Wright: I enjoy dark comedies, but I am getting a 50/50 feeling that this movie is going to really piss me off. There are moments in this trailer that had a tone that I found unsettling and not in a way that a film (I believe) should, (an example would be the Valentines Day joke). I am hoping these scenes work better in the context of the film.

Alex Jowski: Millions of people don’t commit suicide every year. Statistically, millions of people don’t commit suicide every minute. While the media always likes to focus on the people that commit suicide, the ones that took the easy way out, the passionate stories of the people that didn’t commit suicide go untold. Finally a movie is daring enough to explore the lives of the people who made the bold decision to not commit suicide.
But seriously, I’ve not a lot of interest in this. I just haven’t been a big fan of Nick Hornby’s stories. Nearly everyone I know praises films like While I just kind of shrug my shoulders and say “It was alright, I guess.” I suspect I’ll say the same thing about this one as well.

Nuttawut Permphithak: I’m confused. Wikipedia tells me that it’s a dark comedy movie, but this trailer looks like a heart-touching story about four people who meet each other while attempting suicide. Seriously, after the first scene of trailer I thought this movie would be about four people try to kill themselves in various way, but, uh-oh, they learn the value of life at the moment they die.

I have a feeling that the trailer tries to hide me something. Plus, it has one of my least favorite Bonds of all time (FYI: the other one is Daniel Craig)…I’m not going to watch it.

Brad Jones: With Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots in the cast, it’s like it’s a very lighthearted sequel to Need for Speed! Granted, a very lighthearted movie about suicide it seems, but eh, still looks like a much easier sit than Need for Speed, and actually showcases these actors talents a lot more than that film did. And seeing Pierce Brosnan acting opposite Sam Neill gave me smile. This is a really good cast, and I quite enjoy both About a Boy and High Fidelity, so I’m willing to give this a shot. I like that Brosnan is appearing in more movies now.

Charles Campbell: This looks interesting. It’s based off a book written by Nick Hornby, who wrote High Fidelity and About a Boy, both of which were adapted into movies I highly enjoy. Plus it has James Bond and Jesse Pinkman in it! What’s not to love? Oh and Dr. Grant apparently is a politician now. All those years of fighting dinosaurs finally got to him I guess. I should really stop associating actors with their most famous roles..

Caroline Madden: I like Nick Hornby’s work, About A Boy is one of my favorite movies. But I absolutely hated the book this is adapted from. It was insensitive and a bit contrived. The movie version looks okay, but I’m not really sold on the story. I don’t find it endearing or funny. This does have a good cast though, and it’s nice to see Aaron Paul onscreen post-Breaking Bad

Mistress J: I seriously spent WAY too much time thinking about what to really say about this, and I’m at a loss. So, I’ll just say: I don’t want to see this…. On with other stuff I go to do!

Justin Widerski: Well color me intrigued. This seems… suspiciously charming. I really like the concept and the actors, but I highly doubt this is going to seriously tackle the issues of mental health and suicide. I’m sure it will, on the other hand, provide its fair share of warm fuzzies to all who see it. Normally I wouldn’t waste my time, but it’s motherfucking SAM NEIL so I probably will.

mister X: tuff call-seems kinda quirky with dark undertones but also looks like it could devolve into sappy claptrappy treacle…but that’s quite a cast they have there

Chris Ranta: At first, this trailer caught my attention. A suicidal Breakfast Club story is actually quite unique to me and I wanted to see how well they could execute bringing an idea like that to life. By the second half of the trailer, it just got too clichéd, tonally inconsistent and I just got bored. It’s got a great cast and it has some potential but the trailer doesn’t seem to bring it out. If I really want to see it, I’ll borrow my buddy’s Netflix when it’s dumped on there.

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