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And So It Goes


Glenn Criddle: I think I developed diabetes watching this god damned trailer. It’s like lifestyles of the upper middle class and frankly it’s just so far out of the realms of most people’s poultry experience of life that this is about as irrelevant as unicycling elephants are to anti terrorism border control techniques. The time it took to watch this trailer I could have spent walking to the fridge for a nice frosty beer and frankly I resent the intrusion…. fuck you Hollywood.

Alex Jowski: This looks intriguing at least. Well I guess I just find Michael Douglas’ asshole character appealing and the line he had about the probably Guatemalean kid made me smile. Though he’s probably going to go through some sort of character arc and Rob Reiner will yank on heart-stings like a spastic puppeteer I’ll probably pass on it.

Nuttawut Permphithak: Judging from title, I thought this movie is another biographic movie about Tony Wilson and his Factory Records label. (10 points for those who get this reference). And you know what? I’d rather watch that movie instead of this bland rom-com. Plus, they use Hall & Oates (one of my favorite artists of all time) in this trailer. Ugh.

To sum up, I think I’m NOT a target group of this film.

Caroline Madden: I’m surprised that this is a Rob Reiner movie, it looks pretty dull and unfunny. Although his romantic comedies have been slipping in quality for a number of years now… This seems almost like the poor man’s As Good As It Gets. And they couldn’t even get the original Hall & Oats “You’re Making My Dreams Come True” for the trailer??

Mike White: This film proves one thing: Mike Douglas is looking as old as Kirk Douglas these days. He’s grumpy and likes to argue with Dianne Keaton. This film is sure to be a hit with baby boomers and people who like dog poop jokes.

It’s funny that the TV commercials for this film are completely different than this trailer. Though they make mention of “From the people that brought you When Harry Met Sally and As Good As It Gets…” they don’t mention or show Rob Reiner at all while he’s all over the TV spots, seeming to be a rival to Douglas for Dianne Keaton’s affection.

One more thing… “And So It Goes” has got to be one of the worst titles that I’ve heard in a while. I can only imagine how badly the over 60 crowd is going to slaughter this when they try to buy tickets at the local multiplex.

William Wright: I am sure that when this movie comes out, my parents will see it on a date night and enjoy it, but this does not seem like a theater watch for me. Michael Douglas seems to be having fun and I laughed a number of times. So, maybe I’ll catch on TBS if I need to kill time.

Charley McMullen: No thanks, I’m good. I was never much for the “loveble-crumudgeon-gets-emotional-after-making-a-connection-with-someone” subgenre of romantic comedy. As Good As It Gets really was as good as it gets [wink, finger guns]. I guess this doesn’t technically look like a bad movie, though. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that not everyone is a jaded cynical hipster asshole and there are still some people out there who are perfectly content with merely a cute story. This is for them and not so much for me. Enjoy, grandparents! I hope you’ve had a nice Sunday outing!

Charles Campbell: You know, I remember when Rob Reiner directed good movies. I mean come on..this seriously can’t be coming from the same guy who gave us Misery, Stand By Me, and The Princess Bride?! This movie looks like another wishy washy, trying to make you feel good, morals at the end crap that he has been so happy putting out as of late. Please, make another Misery and less of this crap. Quit being a meathead.

Chris Ranta: First, I had to laugh at the MPAA’s rating of this. “Drug Elements”, that’s cute. Anyway, so this is the new Rob Reiner movie. Unfortunately, Rob Reiner is still digging his career a nice little grave. He has done some amazing films and lately it’s as if he’s a whole new director. It’s sad that I have to say the guy who directed This Is Spinal Tap and Stand By Me directed And So It Goes, Rumor Has It and I’m still trying to get over fucking North. He obviously has stopped giving a shit at this point and neither do I anymore. I’m not gonna see this film nor am I going to remember it even existed.

mister X: so, when did using the NAME of rob reiner as a selling point stop? was it all the anti-smoking bruhaha he used to do? and c’mon…that’s FRANCES STERNHAGEN-why is her name not on the title card?!?
all that aside…looks harmless enuff-probably gets sappy at the end but if his character stays true to self yet gains a lil humanity it’ll probably be an acceptable ride

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