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Movies for the Week of July 18th, 2014

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Glenn Criddle: Okay.. Who the fuck thought to put Queens of the Stone age in there….. Dammit… Now I’ll be up till 2am wanting to listen to the god-damned Songs for the Deaf album . Other than that, well there is the Rock… Yup. An ex wrestler in a movie…..enough said. I’m off to bed.

Alex Jowski:

Nuttawut Permphithak: This is another Hollywood epic film released this year. You’ll see a commercial everywhere and people are going to talk about it….a lot! But really? THIS guy is Hercules?

I want this guy to be Hercules instead…he’s going to be MORE awesome. Think about it, after he kills the main antagonist, he’s gonna say “You suck because HERCULES SAID SO AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE!” Then, cue the theme song.

Caroline Madden: Did not know Brett Ratner was directing this. Looks like a bland 300-John Carter mashup filled with things we’ve all already seen before.

Mike White: Didn’t we just get a Hercules film a few months ago? (We did, The Legend of Hercules). Here’s another one but with Ian McShane as Burgess Meredith and Dwayne Johnson as Harry Hamlin in this Brett Ratner-directed remake of Clash of the Titans which is more faithful to the 1981 Clash of the Titans than the 2010 remake.

I imagine I’ll watch this on DVD but wish that they’d have an audio option to hear it dubbed in Italian

William Wright: I am sorry, but I don’t believe anyone would seriously die for the The Rock. Putting him under badass firelighting does not make him believable in this kind of movie, it just looks like we are waiting for the real to come. But it did keep me laughing. I feel like this movie is the next “Lets watch it, it is so dumb” movie.

Charley McMullen: Fuck rehashed characters, fuck unoriginal stories, fuck interchangeable protagonists, fuck the cliched juxtaposition of modern music with way overdone action sequences, fuck the whirlwind of CGI bullshit making this look more like a video game than a movie, and FUCK SLOW MOTION!! GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY!!! Movies damn-near identical to this one come out every week, so here I go again not seeing it. [blows raspberry]

Charles Campbell: I like the Rock as an actor. He is charming, knows how to deliver his lines believably, and is actually proven himself to be a fantastic action star. Brett Ratner once got fired as the director of the Oscars for making an off colored remark about rehearsals. Surprisingly that’s not the worst thing he has done. I will still watch this film though. It looks like it will have enough action in it to keep me entertained and I do enjoy a dumb film every once and awhile. Hey, it can’t be worse than that other Hercules film released earlier this year, right?

Chris Ranta: Brett Ratner’s Hercules is next. I seriously kept thinking back to Army of Darkness throughout the ENTIRE TRAILER! A man told from prophecy to be this great hero only wants to be in peace but is instead sent to fight evil creatures to save the kingdom. SOUND FUCKING FAMILIAR?!?! Okay yeah Army of Darkness wasn’t that original to begin with but with Sam Raimi’s Oz film blatantly ripping it off, the fact that AoD is one of my favourite films and now this, I can’t help but draw comparisons. Point is, it doesn’t look like anything special. It looks harmless but not effective. By using this concept again and not doing anything unique with it, Ratner and co are just beating a dead horse. If I’m really interested, I’ll see it when it’s cheap. Also, that CG flame whip looked like shit and my significant other won’t shut up about the pronunciation of Hercules

mister X: i SWEAR we reviewed this trailer before but it seemed…cheaper last time
looks…generic and sanitized-probably has some decent action beats, an over-reliance on cgi and wafer-thin characterizations. guess i’ll catch it when trapped at a friend’s house where i can’t grab the remote

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