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Movies for the Week of June 13th, 2014

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The Signal


Brad Jones: Though the title, and even aspects of the plot (a mysterious transmission that seems to negatively affect people) instantly makes me think “gee, it has been in a while since I’ve seen the 2007 extremely underrated film The Signal, I should watch that again sometime,” this is a moody and interesting trailer, once you get past Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus like “what I’m about to tell you, you may not believe” opening naration. It’s peaked my interest. But what’s with the cow?

Alex Jowski: So this was interesting… until I saw the poster which asks “R U Agitated?” Damn right I’m agitated! I’m agitated that you can’t spell words correctly in your advertisements. Also, the 2007 film with the same title (though a different topic) is far too memorable for me to abandon completely in order to embrace this different movie with the same title. This looks… interesting, but derivative. I’ll give it a shot for curiosity’s sake.

Caroline Madden: The trailer is pretty mysterious, doesn’t give away too much, even the vague IMDb summary tells more of the story than this. This seems to be a trend among a lot sci-fi trailers, such as Christopher Nolan and JJ Abrams who give little plot details in their trailers and summaries, leading to high anticipation for the ultimate reveal. I hope the secrecy of the plot leads to an exciting and surprising movie, but I can’t say I’m personally intrigued by it yet. I’ll have to wait for some of the reviews to gauge if I want to go see it or not. I really liked some of the stylized visuals though.

Mike White: You can’t really have Laurence Fishburn say “What I’m about to tell you…” and not have it be a laugh line after The Matrix.

The Signal is NOT to be confused with the film from a few years ago in which a deadly signal was blasted out across the airwaves. This one seems to be a sci-fi flick aimed at teens. I’m kind of surprised it’s not a weekly drama that’s showing on the CW in the fall. The trailer tells me nothing, which is good, but it looks pretty moody and uninteresting.

Martha Page: So is the cow like the leader or is that guy a shape shifter and he becomes a cow? Now I have to see this movie not because it is my type of movie or that even looks good. But I have to know what is with the cow!

William Wright: Couldn’t stop laughing at Laurence Fishburne’s narration. As soon as I heard a question sentence that included the words “…about the..” I (like most others) just filled in the blanks. Other than that, I really don’t know how I fell about this one. I am not fully sold on the mystery, but I don’t think that it seems completely unwatchable. If nothing else, we get to see Mr. Fishburne being awesome. I hope.

mister X: not quite sure what i just saw, but it didn’t treat me like i was stupid so there’s that

i will say that the requirements for being a pull-quote in the internet age have become so low don’t be surprised if one day u see a Geek Juicer listed on one of these trailers

Charles Campbell: This movie looks interesting. As I’ve stated before I am always a fan of the smart sci-fi films and this has the looks of being one. Plus, Laurence Fishburne is always a plus in my book.

Charley McMullen: That one actually looked pretty good. At least the trailer was very well put together. Didn’t give too much away and every few seconds it seemed to say “Look, I know we’re asking you to take a big chance here, but at least Laurence Fishburne is in this! He’s pretty good, right?!” I would see this in the theatre at least once. Albeit in a second week matinee, but you get it.

Mistress J: It’s odd trying to review some of these trailers, because SO many trailers now a days are a little too cryptic for my taste. Some cryptic dialogue + some actiony shots does not equal a hook for me. I dunno, is it just me? I’m not saying it looks stupid and I wouldn’t see it. In fact, I don’t know HOW I feel about it, which is the problem. I can’t even tell whether this is supposed to be mysterious super powers, alien based, ghost, or some kinda biological thing. At least gimmie something to go on. I get it if you want to keep that aspect secret I guess, but at least give a little more to go on. So… myea. To some it up I suppose, basically indifferent.

Glenn Criddle: This looks pretty interesting. I like a trailer that doesn’t tell you too much and there’s a ton of mystery here to make watching the film itself worthwhile. I’m actually really keen to see this and having not read anything about it I look forward to what looks like an involved and gripping thriller. I did find a bit of a Matrix flashback (the first one so it’s okay) when Fishburne started narrating there and I wander if this will be as adventurous as that film. From the trailer I reckon this will be a good time and I’ll definitely be looking out for it when it hits the cinema.

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