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Movies for the Week of May 30th, 2014

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A Million Ways To Die In The West new poster (1)

Mike White: Seth Macfarlane steps out from behind the animated characters and talking bears to star in a new comic film in the vein of Almost Heroes. There’s lots of slapstick in this trailer and I bet there will be a scene of something biting a man’s crotch in the finished product. However, I think that there’s some false advertising afoot. I doubt that Mr. Macfarlane will show us one million ways to die. I predict that he’ll top out at twenty. Despite my better judgment, I see me renting this on DVD sometime this winter.

Alex Jowski: It occurred to me that as much as I’ve heard Seth MacFarlane’s voice as every character in Family Guy, American Dad and as Ted I’ve never actually seen him act on camera before. I’ve seen a few stage specials where he sings a little song or something, but as being an onscreen character, playing a character that’s a relatively normal guy and having to do things like wear costumes, follow blocking, wear make-up, interact with other humans. Oh sure there was Seth MacFarlane playing himself in Movie 43 but that doesn’t count because Movie 43 was a fucking SIN. Oh… and those two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise as, basically, an extra. So I am looking forward to experiencing the on-screen persona of Seth MacFarlne. He’s funny and, hey, he’s a pretty good lookin’ fella. He’s got the smile of a male model doing a nude shoot – so it’s easy to picture Seth MacFarlane’s better side.

Charley McMullen: Much of my time is spent apologizing for Seth MacFarlane because he is not an easy man to be a fan of, but I am. At this point -after Ted– he has polarized the audience so much that people either really like him or really fucking hate him. The cast is really great here, compared to Ted, wherein Mark Walberg (not generally known for his mastery of comedy) had to carry the whole movie. This one has a much better supporting cast, which will hopefully translate into a much more interesting story. All of the hallmarks of Seth MacFarlane comedy are here -sex puns to cutaway gags- so it doesn’t look like this divide will be bridged any time soon. I like him because he has a sense of dialogue delivery and comedic timing that I really admire. Hit or miss, the guy knows how to build a joke. Plus, the executive producer of Cosmos can’t be all bad. I’ll see this, probably like it a lot, then have no-one to talk to about it.

mister X: i’m not one of the mcfarlane haters but i’m also not an uber-fan-sometimes his stuff makes me laff…sometimes it don’t
have to admit tho’-i LOL’d a few times on this trailer
not enuff to make me go to a theater or nuthin’, but i’ll see it eventually

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  • Mistress J
    Mistress J
    June 14, 2014 at 2:23 am

    So much hate for 22 Jump Street?! –I saw 21 Jump Street when it was out & loved it. Just saw 22 Jump Street for the snob site, and OMG i cracked up the whole time. It was fantastic!!!. Ya all need to stop eating Surly O’s for breakfast or somethin’ ;) But seriously, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie. It’s the most fantastical bromance eva! If you didn’t like the 1st one, then yea, you’re not going to like 22 Jump. But if you liked the first one & are on the fence about 22, GO SEE IT. I cannot recommend it enough! :D

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