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Movies for the Week of October 10th, 2014

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The Judge

PHMP5WT0NMYcQU_2_mAlex Jowski: I love seeing the cast of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in totally unrelated movies as different characters. It shows their range.

Sure there’s RDJ but the movie has a great cast and looks like it has a great story to tell. It feels Oscar Baity – but we’re not in the right season for that yet, which does give me some suspicion. If Warner Bros was not confident enough about the emotional gravitas and performances in this film to release it in the holiday season and Oscar Rush, what’s wrong with it? Is there nothing wrong with it and WB just happens to have their hopes set on other films “For your consideration” this year?

Alexander Hutt: Hmmmm…..Nope. Looks like an inspirational family bonding movie that will pull all the cliché it can. Having said that, who wants to bet that Duvall’s character actually is a murderer all along? As for Vera Farmiga, I like her work, but since she has no speaking lines in the trailer she probably isn’t in it that much. Not one that I’ll be seeing. :P

Glenn Criddle: It’s nice to see Robert Downey Jr doing a straighter dramatic role because it’s seems like an age since the last time. However this has so many potential pitfalls that I have some reservations about what this will come over like. The whole estranged father/son thing is rife with the risk of diabetes inducing sentimentality and that is really the thing that would make me think twice about seeing this film. For me it’s also a sad thing that when I see Downey Jr, who I think is a charismatic and likeable actor, I’m partly distracted by the fact that he was in Iron Man and I keep seeing Tony Stark when he’s on the screen. That is something that sadly impacts upon his work outside of the Marvel films, it’s partly my fault but there it is. This is one I just don’t think I could enjoy but hopefully many people will.

Nuttawut Permphithak: It looks like a drama/heart-touching stuff. I have nothing to say here, except the fact that there’s no way Robert Downey Jr. can be better than what he did in Natural Born Killer. Seriously, he steals the show in that one.

Charles Campbell: This movie could easily fall under that whole standard dramedy fare, but RDJ is so charismatic that it looks like it will elevate this film. Plus, it has a supporting cast full of talent that it’s hard not to at least be interested in this film. I’ll give it a chance.

William Wright: This trailer gave me a better understanding of what this movie is suppose to be about. The other trailers I’ve seen were not very good. However, movies like this (that are about fighting family members) sometimes just bug me. Normally, I don’t care for ether side and the emotional moments make me roll my eyes. But this could be one of the better examples of these kinds of films. We will have to see.

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