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The Guest

THE GUESTAlex Jowski: Hey, remember that movie that came out a year or so ago that was based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. Can’t remember what it was called but it was about some soldier who goes to his fallen comrade’s family to deliver the message of “he loved you,” and becomes involved with the widow. It was all terribly sappy and romantic and typical Sparks shit.

This is the totally awesome version of that movie. It’s like the shitty Nicholas Sparks movie was beaten to death by A History of Violence and The Guest is what rose up from the bloody mess to claim dominance.

Mike White: Not to be confused with The Host, this one has a Paul Walker-esque guy show up at a lady’s doorstep to talk about her dead son. I’m reminded a lot of The Return of Martin Guerre mixed with a few other things. Of course, the guy who shows up fucks all the women in the house and causes a big old ruckus. I was slightly into the thought of seeing this until it said “From the makers of You’re Next” That movie was a lot of hype with no payoff and I’m afraid that The Guest will be that way, even if they show the pay off in the preview.

mister X: i’m actually a newcomer to winguard’s work so i have no baggage of his previous films to color my judgement on this one n’ i have to say…not too shabby

yea the trailer editor gives away a BIT too much n’ the ~BOOM~ smash cuts got a tad annoying but the preview showed me what could be a slow-burning thriller that might have a twist they don’t wanna spoil

if i ever get any free time, might have to check some of his other flicks out too

Charley McMullen: Okay, well, that was a pretty goddamn ambiguous trailer. I really don’t know what to make of that because it simultaneously paints the alleged protagonist as that family’s defender and captor. I might watch this on cable in about 10 months, if only to make sense of that trailer and satisfy a morbid curiosity I have about poorly-marketed movies.

Glenn Criddle: This is actually a well made trailer. It tells enough to get a feel for the film but leaves enough out to make it worth seeing the film. It certainly looks worth a watch though I don’t really have much of a bead on the soldier character and what his intent is. My interest is peaked enough to give it a chance, there looks like plenty of tension, some decent action and a central story that although it has some rather silly situations they’re so outrageous as to be unwatchable. I suspect it’ll probably push credibility in the film itself but I’m certainly not driven away by the trailer. I’ll give it a shot.

William Wright: I am getting a 50/50 feeling on this one. It could be an interesting drama piece, a creepy stalker film, something really heart warming, or all three and go great or really bad. Ether way, I really don’t know what to say about the trailer.

Caroline Madden: I’m a big Adam Wingard fan, loved You’re Next. This is very intriguing, I like that the trailer doesn’t really give away why this guest is being hunted or what is even going on with him. I thought it was going to be a horror movie at first, but looks like it may be action? Suspense? Either way, adding this to my list.

Nuttawut Permphithak: It looks great! Although the premise sounds similar to that blaxploitation film I reviewed few weeks ago, here… we have no idea that a stranger is a good guy or not. He helps young son to fight bullies and fucks older daughter, but why does the police chase him? This trailer has a pretty good build-up.

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