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Movies for the Week of September 26th, 2014

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The Equalizer

The-Equalizer-1Alex Jowski: From behind Denzel Washington looks a lot like Jaime Foxx.

I’m not familiar with the television show this is supposedly based on (heck, it could just be a similarity). I’m halfway motivated to see this as it’s got a great cast and Antoine Fuqua is a good director – though it’s interesting to note that of all the films he’s made since Training Day he’s still referred to as “The director of Training Day.” At first Denzel seemed to be playing just another Denzel trope but then, over the course of the trailer, the character came into his own. And from the trailer alone I can appreciate that. Can’t say I’m a fan of the soundtrack though.

mister X: THE EQUALIZER…in name only. seriously, when u stray that far from the source material why even use the original name? call it MR. VENDETTA or PUSHED TOO FAR or sumthin’ like that, but not THE EQUALIZER…cuz THIS is THE EQUALIZER:

that said, looks like another ‘pretty’ action flick that might have some decent performances but i’m not sensing a script that’s gonna have oscar voters jizzing in their pants to nominate it…

William Wright: This looks pretty good. Denzel Washington is normally a really enjoyable actor and the set up seems like we have a pretty good take on the “take law into your own hands” kind of movie. Just may have to check it out.

Caroline Madden: The plot is a little tired, and Chloe Grace Moretz looks like she’s trying to hard to be Natalie Portman in The Professional (I have a love/hate relationship with her…I don’t think she’s a very good actress as she’s gotten older) But Denzel Washington is always great. It has same director as Training Day, similar role…familiar territory but he does it well!

Justin Widerski: A generic action flick I’m sure, but one that I’m hoping will be carried by the reliably strong acting by Denzel Washington. I do appreciate, and am intrigued by the film’s apparent themes of age, redemption, and fighting against nature. Reminds me quite a bit of Unforgiven or a handful of superhero stories I’ve read.

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