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VIFF 2014 Day 2

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Today’s roundup includes reviews for The Creator of the Jungle, Class Enemy, In Order of Disappearence, and Jalanan! We’ve got real life Tarzan, a tough school drama, Stellan Skarsgard taking names and street musicians. Enjoy!

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VIFF 2014: The Creator of the Jungle (Sobre La Marxa)

Redefines “one of a kind experience”…

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jordi Morato

Country: Spain

Production Company: La Termita Films

Duration: 77 mins

In Catalan with English Subtitles

Skip/Watch/Buy/Devour: Watch

Reviewed By Alessandro Hutt

732572What if there was a real life Tarzan? In the Catalonia region of Spain we go, where we meet “Garrell” (his real name is besides the point), an eccentric man who builds tree houses, mazes, waterfalls and towns within the nearby forest. He names it his “jungle”, despite the fact there is a busy road adjacent to it. At first it’s an escape for him, but soon people begin to notice his structures; not just the tourists but the vandals as well…

Reading this, it might sound like a fictional feature film but this is in fact a documentary. Garrell is that much of a outsider, that much of an eccentric – that you can’t help but be drawn in by his story. It helps a bit if you go into the movie thinking outside the box, as Morato does not present it like a usual documentary. We don’t learn about Garrell’s life in human society, or what specifically brought him to the bosques of Catalonia. But honestly it doesn’t matter. This is his sanctuary where he casts all that aside, and to fully immerse yourself as an audience member it’s best to follow his lead. While it can be shocking or strange at first, as you get to know Garrell and his rules, it’s very possible to symphatize with him.

Creator_Of_The_Jungle_2Morato isn’t the only filmmaker in the doc though, as he also includes footage from a teenager that admired Garrell’s bravado, and a film crew that was interested in “outsider art.” I like that Morato doesn’t put Garrell in the vein of “outsider artist,” as the man seems to be doing this all for an escape, not for a performance piece. The film only falters in its cyclical nature of story telling (telling the same thing many times) so for some it might drag on despite its subject matter. The lady beside me was snoring, but then again she didn’t even know what the film was called, so I wouldn’t cite her as the best source. I may have also woken her up to tell her to stop snoring. *shrugs*

Despite this, I would recommend The Creator of the Jungle. Garrell is a person that doesn’t just see in black and white. Honestly, the world needs more people like that. Whether you think he’s insane or just a little more original that most of us, you will definitely be fascinated by him and his antics.

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