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During a recent stream of Live Nude Geeks, a semi-regular viewer decided that he’d had enough of a certain strain of our humor…and because it was on the internet, instead of just leaving he first had to let us know WHY:

He informed us that we focus on SJW humor too much

The website that prides itself as a free speech advocate and supporter of fringe comedy focuses too much attention on the group of people who wish to control what we can say and what jokes we are ALLOWED to make

But despite this colossal missing of the point, it demonstrates a unique side effect of the more intimate relationship between creators and audience in streaming culture-when an audience member blurs what aspects they like about a creators’ work into being ALL that creator should do. This line of thinking ultimately leads one to be surprised and possibly even angered when the creators deviate from that content assumption (this is another symptom of the geek entitlement GJ has discussed in the past).

So, what DOES GeekJuice owe its audience?

Technically…nothing. Unlike other media portals, we’ve constantly been transparent that this is not our ‘job’-it’s what we do for fun and to share the cult info clogging our brains.

We operate on a different phillosophy-what does GeekJuice owe ITSELF?

We owe it to ourselves to stick to our guns

We owe it to ourselves to EXPLAIN why we dislike something, not just make fun of it

We owe it to ourselves to not be afraid to say something unpopular or ‘controversial’

We owe it to ourselves to call out those creators clumsily exploiting this field and their fans

We owe it to ourselves to not let net notoriety gas our heads up

We owe it to ourselves to expose people to hidden gems as well as deconstructing crap

and we owe it to ourselves to back up the shit we say


The audience is just along for the ride…




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