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Episode #016 – Post-Punk-A-Palooza

Original Air Date: 10-13-13

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and to kick things off right MamaCass is joined by our old friend Ev to discuss some of the best post-punk / goth acts of Japan! Featuring Merry Go Round, AUTO-MOD, Art Marju Duchain, and Lucifer Luscious Violenoue





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××体質(Taishitsu) | ××体質 (Taishitsu) 1997
DEATH OF THE VIRGIN | Demon est Deus Inversus 2000
地獄絵図(Jigoku Ezu) | 地獄の季節 (Jigoku no kisetsu) 2001
– Sadistic Dream |  DEATHOPIA 1985
(Onmyouza) – 翼を折られたヴァンパイア(Tsubasa orareta vampire) | 薔薇の哲学,堕天の美学 (Bara no Tetsugaku, Tsuki no Bigaku)2002
Vertex Poison | The Other Side of Electronic Brain 1998

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Hillbilly Japanophile Ghetto Chic™ at its finest; Cass is a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager whose been a full blown "Fujoshi" (lit. Rotten Woman) since the late 90s; obsessing over Horror, Anime, Drag Queens, and the occasional Crime Drama, Cass brings her self proclaimed 'unique' view of Asian music and culture in the weekly radio program, o.t.o. -恩讐と音楽-.

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