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Episode #017 – OOKY-SPOOKY Halloween Special!!

Original Air Date: 10-30-13

Celebrate all things OOKY and SPOOKY with the o.t.o. Halloween Special! Special 2 hour long episode that aired Oct 30th 2013. MamaCass is joined by Evenor to discuss bands such as The Candy Spooky Theater, Halloween Junky Orchestra, Aikaryu, E’m~grief~, and more!




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Artist Track Title Album Year
Halloween Junky Orchestra Halloween Party Halloween Party 2012
The Candy Spooky Theater Merry Go Round Wonderland 2005
藍華柳 (Aikaryu) ヴァンパイアで満杯や(Vampire de manpai ya!) ヴァンパイアで満杯や(Vampire de manpai ya!) 2005
E’m~grief~ 独白の空(Dokuhaku no sora) Eternal Melody 2008
SaTan Corpse’s Parade crawling from the graves EP 2012
Ru:natic 黒薔薇族ノ招待状 鏖(Kurobarazoku no sohtaijou minagoroshi) Memory 2013
Magistina Saga 追憶ノ音(Tsuioku no Oto) Tone of Temptation 2012
DER ZIBET ft. Atsushi Sakurai of BUCK-TICK マスカレード(Masquerade) 思春期-II~ダウナーサイド~ (Shishunki II -Downer Side-) 1991
Soft Ballet NO PLEASURE Document 1990
MADAME EDWARDA Nosferatu Marquise hystérique 1984
emmurée グロセックス(gurosex) love letter 2007
エルム(elm) LES MISERABLES〜レミゼラブル〜 黒い招待状(Kuroi shotai jo) 2011
the Pumpkin Head 神は死んだ(Kami wa Shinda) 神は死んだ(Kami wa Shinda) 2011
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Hillbilly Japanophile Ghetto Chic™ at its finest; Cass is a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager whose been a full blown "Fujoshi" (lit. Rotten Woman) since the late 90s; obsessing over Horror, Anime, Drag Queens, and the occasional Crime Drama, Cass brings her self proclaimed 'unique' view of Asian music and culture in the weekly radio program, o.t.o. -恩讐と音楽-.

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