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The Amano Tonbimaru Special – SEE YOU NEXT LIFE!!

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o.t.o. will be back with a new episode this Sunday, Sept 8th, 2013 in its normal format. In the mean time MamaCass and Xio wanted to pay special tribute to 天野鳶丸 (Amano Tonbimaru), Vocalist and Leader of the prolific Visual/Angura Kei band, グルグル映畫館 (Guruguru Eigakan) who passed away on the 12th of August. We here at o.t.o. greatly loved Amano and his works; he was an inspiration and great source of joy in our lives and we are saddened by his passing. To honor him we have changed the format in order to let the music speak for itself. We hope you enjoy our tribute and continue to support Guruguru and its remaining members in years to come.



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Hillbilly Japanophile Ghetto Chic™ at its finest; Cass is a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager whose been a full blown "Fujoshi" (lit. Rotten Woman) since the late 90s; obsessing over Horror, Anime, Drag Queens, and the occasional Crime Drama, Cass brings her self proclaimed 'unique' view of Asian music and culture in the weekly radio program, o.t.o. -恩讐と音楽-.

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