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90’s classic ‘Reboot’ coming back with ‘Reboot: The Guardian Code’


June 15th @ 12:oop.m.The 90’s classic ‘Reboot’ which set the benchmark for CGI heavy shows is coming back with ‘Reboot: The Guardian Code’.

Corus entertainment gave the go ahead for the new series which will be done by Vancouver based animation studio Rainmaker entertainment. They are tasked with making 26 half hour episodes. The new series will be a hybrid liveaction/animated show which focuses on four teens (Parker, Grey Tamara, and Austin) who discover that they are next-gen guardians tasked with protecting their world by defending it in cyberspace. The Internet revolutionized the world but also left it vulnerable. With help from VERA, the last surviving cyberbeing from the Guardian program, the four next gen guardians will stream in to cyberspace to fight viruses using their code-based powers. These viruses are being unleashed by a mysterious and malicious hacker known as The Sourcerer who wants to rule the world by controlling cyberspace.  Some old favorites will be returning in the new series including megabyte who will have a major upgrade. Bob, the guardian from the first series will appear in the pilot episode and series mainstays Dot and Enzio matrix will play a role in the new series as well.

‘Reboot’ was a ground-breaking animated series which debuted in 1994 and followed the adventures of Bob the guardian who’s responsible for protecting mainframe from viruses and other malicious threats.  The series ran for 48 episodes and concluded in 2001.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the new series; it could introduce a new generation to the universe of ‘Reboot’ and I hope that the new series does well. My main concerns are how the live-action bits will integrate with the animated parts as well as how they will deal with the games that pop in at random in mainframe since in the original series, it was implied the user was like a god who played the games and nullified sprites for sport.

What do you guys think of the new reboot series; Let me know in the comments

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