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Adam West Batman TV Show Creator Lorenzo Semple, Jr. is Dead

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Lorenzo Semple, Jr., the writer best known as the creator of the 1966 “Batman” TV series, passed away at the age of 91 from natural causes on Friday.

Semple was born on March 27, 1923 in New York City. His writing career started in 1951 as a short story contributor to magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and Collider’s Weekly.  During this time he also wrote two plays that were produced on Broadway, 1955’s “Tonight in Smarkand” and 1959’s “The Golden Fleecing.” In 1965 he was tasked with creating the pilot for the famous, or infamous depending who you ask, “Batman” show staring Adam West and Burt Ward. At the end of the series he had written four episodes, developed the screenplay for the film adaptation of the series and was the executive story editor.

After “Batman” ended he left the world of television and started writing for feature films. Some of his more notable credits include “Pretty Poision” (1968), “King Kong” (1976), “Flash Gordon” (1980) and the James Bond film “Never Say Never Again” (1983). In his later years he starred in the Youtube series “Reel Geezers” in which he and retired agent and producer Marcia Nasatir reviewed movies.

Whether you enjoy the old ’60s Batman show or hate it, you cannot ignore the impact this beloved show has had on pop culture. What’s your favorite Semple show or movie? Leave your thoughts in the comments

Source: Variety 
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