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Adam West is Batman….Again

After the release of every episode the 1960s Batman TV series on Bluray and DVD box sets, Adam West (Batman) and Burt Young (Robin) have plans for another crime fighting adventure. Announced at the Mad Monster Convention in North Carolina, they have announced an animated film with themselves playing their noted roles. It has also been announced that Julie Newmar will be reprising her role as Catwoman for the film.

Created in 1966 and canceled in 1968, The Batman TV series was very popular with that generation. For many years (with many years of reruns and a movie) Adam West and Burt Young were the faces and voices of the famous DC heroes. The was noted for its light tone, campy writing, and silly villains.

Over the years, while it still had its fans, many batman fans hate the show for seemingly for damaging the dark and Gothic image of Batman and continuing the idea that comics are strictly kids stuff. These days there are many schools of thought on how to enjoy the show.

Some hate it, some have an ironic liking of the show (mocking the listed above), some see it as an enjoyable time capsule, and others see their Batman in action.

For me, My Batman is Kevin Convoy and I had never seen the show until I was about 11. I enjoy it for want it is and I laugh at most of the silly bits (bat shark repellent, holy anything Batman, and meeting Santa as they climb a building). Overall, I hope they make this happen. It sounds like a cool and fun idea.

How many of our readers would watch this? Let us know in the comments?

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