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Amazon Announces Fire TV Set Top Box


Amazon today announced the launch of their new set top box/mini console the Fire TV. The product is similar to Apple TV or the Roku stream box in that it allows users access to various streaming apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Crackle among others.

What sets Fire TV apart from its competitors is its ease of use; It’s very easy to buy or rent shows or a movie right from the central menu. Under the hood, Amazon’s Fire TV has a Quad core processor, its own dedicated GPU, 2GB of ram plus Mino dual-band WiFi which makes Amazon Fire TV stream content 3X as fast as it’s competitors. It also supports 1080p streaming with Dolby Surround via HDMI, which makes Amazon Fire a very robust set top box.

The set top box also runs an Android OS which not only makes streaming easier, it also allows for gaming on the platform. Currently Amazon Fire allows you to play games three ways: with the Bluetooth enabled remote, with a tablet or with a dedicated controller you can purchase for $40.  The games are tablet quality right now but game developers E.A., Disney and Amazon’s own in-house gaming studio will be making games for the product. Right now the prices for a  game average $1.85, though there are over 1,000 free titles available to play so there at least some games to play right out of the box.

Amazon Fire TV sells for about $99 and ships today.

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