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‘Battle Angel Alita’ film in the works

After many years of speculating whether a ‘Battle Angel Alita’ film would be made, It’s finally happening.

James Cameron, who had wanted to direct a film adaption of the well-known sci-fi  manga series for years, is on board to produce alongside Jon Landau and Robert Rodriguez is set to direct the live-action version . 20th Century Fox will be the studio backing the project.

Set in the 26th century, ‘Battle Angel Alita’ focuses on a female cyborg whose lost her memory and was abandoned in a scrap yard only to be rescued by a doctor who rebuilds her and names her after his deceased cat, Alita. After being rebuilt, Alita, relying only on her lethal martial arts training, becomes a bounty hunter/assassin taking down dangerous criminals while seeking out clues to her lost memories.

This is interesting news to say the least; I hope that Cameron will lend some of his expertise in working on Sci-Fi projects to Rodriguez so that the film can coalesce nicely. If, for some reason, Rodriguez had to drop out of the project, I wouldn’t mind seeing The Wachowskis take a shot at it.

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