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‘Borderlands’ film in the works

Lionsgate films has announced that a feature film adaption of the hit  sci-fi/post apocalyptic first person shooter ‘Borderlands’ is in development.

Avi and Ari Arad are attached to produce in conjunction with Gearbox Studios, the studio behind the hit video game. Avi Arad was the founder of marvel studios and had worked on numerous superhero films including ‘Iron man’ The Incredible Hulk and ‘Spider-man’. Lionsgate has said that this film adaption will be a ‘tentpole’ film which may mean Lionsgate may be thinking franchise options (sequels and side films).

This announcement comes on the heels of Lionsgate hiring Peter Levin to helm the interactive ventures and games division and Lionsgate investing in Take Two Interactive.  TakeTwo Interactive published ‘Borderlands 2’. TellTale Games works on the ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ series which takes place in the ‘Borderlands’ universe and focuses on side-stories.

This is interesting news; the borderlands games are heavily influenced by the ‘Mad Max’ films but with a sci-fi flavor and the insanity ratcheted up to 11. I think if they want the film to succeed, they’ll need to get the visuals down right; think Mad Max:Fury Road but with more colour and sci-fi elements and the story should not focus on the story or characters from the main games since the story/characters for those games were fairly barebones. Look to ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ series for story inspiration since the stories there are more fleshed out.

What do you guys think of this news, Let me know in the comments.

Sources: IGN,Variety,Polygon

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