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Bryan Fuller Discusses “Pushing Daisies” Musical and Movie


“Pushing Daisies,” the short-lived but much loved ABC series from creator Bryan Fuller, might be making a comeback as either a Broadway musical or a film.

Fuller told E! News that he has been in talks with both Warner Bros. and series executive producer/director Barry Sonnfenfield about both options. However very little information was given.

When asked about the musical he said he would like to make it about the character of Olive Snook, who was played by well-known Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth in the series. When asked about the movie all he said he was he would like to do a feature “because you have a higher impact and it also has iconography.”

“Pushing Daisies” ran on ABC from 2007-2009. It quickly became a cult favorite with its unique visual design, quirky characters, and interesting dialogue, which often employed wordplay, metaphor and double entendre. While critically acclaimed, it received 17 Emmy nominations and won 7, the show lost its audience during the Writer’s Guild Strike of 2007.

The story revolves around Ned (Lee Pace), a man who has the ability to bring any living thing back to life by simply touching it. However there are two catches to this power. First, if the thing he brings back to life lives for more than hour, something must die in its place. Second, if he touches the thing again it dies permanently. A private investigator named Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) accidentally discovers Ned’s ability and the two strike a deal. Ned will revive murder victims, allowing Emerson to question them about their deaths, solve the case and the two split the money. However things get complicated when one of the victims is Ned’s childhood crush Charlotte “Chuck” Charles (Anna Friel). He brings her back to life and the two fall in love. Ned also runs a pie shop called “The Pie Hole” and helping him out is Olive Snook, a waitress who has a crush on Ned.

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Source: E!

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