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Christopher Lee Releases New Metal EP


This month Sir Christopher Lee, an iconic actor known for his roles in the Hammer “Dracula,” “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” films, has released a new heavy metal album. Titled “Metal Knight” the album is a collection of cover songs that the famed actor has given a more epic sound. Christopher Lee also has gotten some help from the famed Italian power metal group Rhapsody, who he has done narration for good number of their albums.

After releasing a few albums in the past with his band Charlemagne and singing on movie sound tracks, Lee continues his musical journey with his mix of heavy metal and opera. The track list for the album includes the following:

  1. I, Don Quixote
  2. The Impossible Dream
  3. The Toreador March
  4. My Way
  5. I, Don Quixote (extended)
  6. The Impossible Dream (extended)
  7. The Toreador March (extended)

In regards to the cover of “My Way,” the villainous spell-caster/bloodsucker had this to say about the differences between his and Frank Sinatra’s style:

“I’m not Frank Sinatra and I don’t even attempt to sing it like him. I sing it more operatically than he did. He could carry a tune and make it mean something like nobody ever has…’ ‘My Way is a very remarkable song – and it’s also very difficult to sing. You’ve got to convince people that what you’re singing about is the truth…’ ‘I don’t imitate anyone. I do it the best way I can.”

How well do Christopher Lee and power metal go together? Let us know in the comments.
Sources: Metalhammer , Billboard

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