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Nintendo to discontinue Club Nintendo program


Nintendo has decided to discontinue it’s loyalty program known as Club Nintendo only after 6 years.

Club Nintendo was a loyalty program started back in 2009 which gave points (coins) to people who purchased and registered various Nintendo first party titles and took surveys on their gaming habits. Prizes that could be redeemed with enough coins varied from wallpapers, posters and calendars to digital and physical games.

Nintendo is discontinuing the Club Nintendo loyalty program and plan to replace it with a new one, however no information is available about what the new loyalty program will look like or what benefits it will have. Club Nintendo in North America will go dark on June 30th; Club Nintendo in Europe, Austraila, and New Zealand will go offline on September 30th. Although Club Nintendo is coming to an end, all current members in North America will get a free download of ‘FlipNote 3D’ coming in February.

While it’s sad that Club Nintendo is being discontinued, it was a loyalty program that wasn’t optimally integrated so that members could get the most from the program. You had to go to a separate website to register valid games and linking your console/handheld so that games purchased through the eshop was haphazard and didn’t work very well. Hopefully when Nintendo announces the new loyalty program, they fix these problems so fans can take full advantage of the new program.


What do you guys think of Nintendo shutting down Club Nintendo, let me know in the comments

Sources: IGN,Yahoo games,Polygon

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  • Mistress J
    Mistress J
    January 29, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    I’m wondering how it is you feel that getting a code to enter into the eShop to download the freebie is haphazard? How would you expect otherwise to download the game to your system?

    The only flaw that I see in the program is that if you were to exchange/upgrade your 3DS, the only way to transfer your established Nintendo account on that system is to have both 3DS’s & do a sort of system linked transfer. Otherwise only your game information can be transferred via copying your memory card to your pc, and then moving the file to the new system -in which you would need to make a separate Nintendo account. There’s also the matter of only being able to link your Wii U system with only one 3DS per account, leaving it so that households with multiple 3DS’s would have to have separate accounts. With the new 3DS’s coming about, I’m thinking/hoping that they will be changing this criteria, as there has been much criticism on the matter, and Nintendo is pretty good at listening to/taking feedback of the masses into account (within reason).

    But anywho, I’m curious to what you think is so bad about going to a website to register/take a survey? Would you really want to type paragraphs out poking one letter at a time with a stylus? Curious to what has been your experience to why you feel this way about the codes/eShop/surveys?

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