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Disney cancels ‘Tron 3’

Disney has decided against moving forward with the third sequel in the Tron franchise.

Prior to this announcement, it was believed that Disney would move on a third Tron film. They had Joseph Kosinski attached to direct, preproduction had started and they had hoped to start filming sometime this fall.  Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were slated to return to the franchise and reprise their roles from ‘Tron Legacy’.

Disney had been trying to get a third Tron film off the ground since they resurrected the series with ‘Tron:Legacy’ in 2010 which was a surprise hit for Disney.  It is believed that the weak reception that Disney’s latest film ‘Tomorrowland’ received played a part in Disney’s decision to axe ‘Tron 3’.

The news is unfortunate, particularly seeing as they were getting things ready to start work on Tron 3 when this decision was made.  If ‘Tommorrowland’s  less that stellar results played into Tron 3 getting canned, that would be a foolish move since Tron:legacy did well, Tron 3 could have done just as well and that ‘Tommorrowland’s main writer Damon Lindelof  who has checkered past when it comes to writing for movies. He seems better suited for the small screen rather than the big one.

What do you guys think of Disney pulling the plug on Tron 3, Let me know in the comments.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter,IGN

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