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Disney’s New Haunted Mansion Movie



Well, The Walt Disney Company is trying to make another motion picture based on their classic Haunted Mansion ride. They are still working with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and they have announced the possible casting of Ryan Gosling.

The Haunted Mansion first opened in 1969 at Disneyland. Since then it has become a main stay for all who spend a day in the park. Later they would build versions of the house for the Magic Kingdom at Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.

Set to look like a classic New Orleans style mansion, the attraction contains well-known sites like the ghosts dancing in the ballroom, the room that seems to grow, a crystal ball with a speaking head inside, the graveyard, and the hitchhiking ghosts that stay with visitors after the ride is over.

Over the years, it was used as an inspiration for other kinds of media. Including becoming a Nightmare Before Christmas themed ride in the latter part of the year, a comic book anthology series, a planned animated special and a critical panned movie starring Eddie Murphy.

No word yet on any other actors or story details. More will be reported as they come up.

I remember once hearing a story where a Disney executive had shown del Toro the Eddie Murphy movie and then asked him if he wanted to do anything with it. He’s answer was to remake it. I don’t know if it is true, but that story made me really look forward to this. I know I didn’t report on the live action Mulan, Dumbo, and Beauty & the Beast movies, but all I can really say about those is that I wish that Disney would fund more projects like this and stop rehashing their old stories.  I can’t wait for a trailer for this thing.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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